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    Watching Christmas Story with the family.
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  1. Is that picture of your sleigh? That looks alot like the Picture off of HoliDaves.
  2. Here are a few pics of our 2009 display, hope you enjoy. 60,000 lights contolled by lor this year broadcast over 107.5fm. I did not sue any of my wireframes to try to change it up a bit. Not really sure on my blowmold count this year. I need to take some better pics when the weather gets better.
  3. Benny's has blowmolds also this year. They have not sold any since T.P.I. and union went out. They have the santa sleigh for $79.99 and nativety for $59.99.
  4. The Empire version is still on my list of molds that I need to find.
  5. I won the union father christmas for $41. I could not belive no one else bid on it last secound.
  6. Thanks I will have to check my K-Mart.
  7. I can not see it using internet explorer. But I just tried using firefox and I can see the pics now.
  8. I do not see any pictures either.
  9. I have bought many molds from Dave and never had any problems. He has cut many deals on molds I have been buying from him for the last 3 years. Blowmolds for sale is also another great source to buy molds from Chucks prices are very reasonable.
  10. Hi, I have not been around much. Due to the econemy I had to take a new job and been doing alot of work out of state.
  11. Shawn, it lites up well I have a few that I have wanted to light for some time now looks bright enough with the c7.
  12. Bob, I hope you feel better soon.
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