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  1. If you have sequences in both the animation and musical tab, they will run at the same time.
  2. Dan has stated in the past that it would be a free upgrade for those who have purchased the software within the last 12 months. Everyone else could expect a small charge, possibly $20. No other information has been released.
  3. 1. Run the mini-director off of a timer. There are instructions within the mini-director manual on what is needed for a power supply. You'd then connect that to the timer. 2. I would put it in some sort of enclosure. It's not a weatherproof device. 3. I know of displays that ran off the mini-director in 2010, and they had much (much) more than 3 controllers. You should have no problems with 3 controllers. From a LOR standpoint, the only other device that you could run you shows with would be the Showtime Director. It's more expensive, though it will let you run schedule shows to run at certain times.
  4. The next generation of controllers will have ghost loads for LED lighting built into them. It will also have a new firmware to go with it. Older controllers will be able to run the new firmware as well.
  5. Here is some Light-O-Rama related news that I've learned. There was a dinner Thursday night that Dan Baldwin attended. He talked to those in attendance, and took questions. Most of this written down, so if I heard it write and wrote it down right ... well, none of this is official.... Software upgrade cost - If you've had the software over a year, the upgrade cost will be about $20. (Again, I might have heard that price wrong.) Under a year = free. Super Star Software owners - no cost for the software. Non-owners, yes, there will be a cost. Don't know if this was mentioned previously .. Dan mentioned the user definable keys in the S3 software. (So us long time users of LOR who want our "F" key back ... yay!) Visual changes you make in a sequence (channels, tool bars, etc.,) will remember on a per-sequence basis. 25amp triacs, 180 degree rotation of the RJ45 jacks, and elimination of the channel selector switch on the CTB-16D boards. (An extra daughter board add on for those who want the on-board ability to change channels on the CTB-16D's is available.) They tested the upcoming PLC controllers, they think, pretty well. They used items known to generate a lot of 'noise' on the line, and the data had no trouble getting to the controllers over the power lines. Again .. take none of this as hard fact ... only going with what I heard and hopefully wrote down correctly.
  6. Dan has mentioned the sale won't happen until the mid-July time frame, so no worries over missing it over the next few days. I don't remember how long they've lasted in the past, but I'd be surprised if it was less than a week. Discounts are less than the Spring sale, though they are more than 5%. Others have the past prices saved and may jump in here with them.
  7. I've had some songs that wouldn't use the beat wizard as well. I simply ran the song through Audacity, making sure it was set for 128Kbps bitrate. (One song was already at 128K, but was still giving me the error. Running it through Audacity did the trick.
  8. Kevin! Good to hear that you'll be there. Hopefully our paths will cross.
  9. Perhaps you could clarify what you are selling? My first read was two controllers for $80, but then you mention the antenna and it only being used for 5 minutes. Since controllers don't have antennas, are you referring to a transmitter?
  10. Well, I'm signed up ready to go! Hotel and Transportation reservations made. Looking forward to it!
  11. The electronics in the LOR Showtime are designed for 40amps and down rated to 30 amps; the PC is designed for 30amps. Putting in 20amp fuses would not be advised.
  12. Reference the post I made. The LOR1602 Showtime series are _designed_ for 40 amps, but rated down to 30 amps. It is possible, with basic modifications, to run the Showtime series controllers at 40amps. As is pointed out in this thread, 40amps is a lot of juice, and with the increase in LED usage in displays, 40amps is more than most people will need.
  13. The text below should help you out. ----------------------------------- These are some of the differences between controllers, as described by Dan Baldwin, the founder of Light-O-Rama. The LOR1602W (LOR) is a commercial grade controller with a UL508 (industrial) rating. It is the only controller in the Animated Christmas Market Place with safety certification. The CTB16PC-ReadyToGO (PC) is not safety certified (but is designed with safety in mind!). The LOR is in a heavy duty steel case, the PC is in a plastic case. The LOR is has a 2 year warranty, the PC has a 1 year warranty. The LOR has (non-musical) standalone mode and can as director to control other controllers, the PC cannot. The electronics in the LOR are designed for 40amps and down rated to 30 amps; the PC is designed for 30amps. The LOR has unit ID switches for easy setup; the PC requires that you use a program on your computer to set the Unit ID. The LOR has safety plate to protect the electronics and reduce shock hazard, the PC does not. The LOR has an on/off switch with easy access fuses, the PC does not. The LOR and the PC do have the same lighting effects and are rated at the same current. They can be used interchangeably in a LOR network.
  14. They already have two sales a year. Not sure what Chuck, or anyone for that matter, would be able to do.
  15. You can read about the sales, and sign-up for the notification mailing list at lightorama.com.
  16. Don

    C6 for roofline?

    I've used C6 LED's on the roof for 3 years now. No complaints about them at all. See pictures/video at my personal display (link in signature.)
  17. Yes, they do. Visit the LOR Home page, click on "Software -> Download" and you can download the software. The software will work with or without a license key. To see what each version does, click on "Software" on the LOR home page.
  18. Sorry, I should have said... Yes, a musical sequence with multiple timing grids (and tracks, for that matter) can be downloaded to the MP3 director. Animation sequences can have multiple timing grids, but only one track when downloading to the MP3 director. (The post I quoted was asking about the MP3 director.)
  19. Yes, a musical sequence with multiple timing grids (and tracks, for that matter) can be downloaded to the MP3 director. Animation sequences can have multiple timing grids, but only one track.
  20. There is no way to "un-mark" forums read. You can search today's posts with this link. Please don't add another click to the 'mark all read' link. Mistakes happen.
  21. http://www.creativedisplays.com/SiteResources/Data/Templates/FileViewerLayout.asp?docid=552&DocName=Announcements
  22. The general consensus is that taping over your plugs is *not* the way to go. Any water that gets past the tape job usually ends up getting stuck there. GFCI plugs are one of the best things that you can do for your display. Other things you can do include making sure the ends of you light sets are not pointing up. By pointing them down you increase the chances that water will not enter into the plugs.
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