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    The birth of Jesus Christ
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    Goffstown, New Hampshire, USA
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    I am a mom of two beautiful and amazing girls first, wife to Philip second, and a composer and singer last of all. I wrote a song called "The House on Christmas Street" which has been taken into the hearts of many decorating enthusiasts, and for that I am very, very grateful!
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    family, music, reading
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    Not enough lights...a lot of blowmolds...that's my thing. I do have a couple of wire frame...but my house is no way near "The House on Christmas Street...." I wish it were!

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  1. I have a song you can use! It’s called The Good Times Goose Bumps Motel. Send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll send you an mp3
  2. Hello everyone! I’ve written a book! It’s the story of a decorator who moves from Florida to Maine and, unfortunately, buys a house across the street from an unhappy elderly woman. As he begins to put up his display she goes ballistic and starts a campaign to shut it down. How the people in the neighborhood, who prior to this really didn’t know one another, come together over the conflict is the heart of the story. I believe this is the first Christmas book inspired by and written for Christmas decorators and, of course, it’s called “The House on Christmas Street.” If you’d like to know more about it, please click on this link. You may also pre-order your autographed copy there as well. Books will be shipped to you at the end of October. http://judypancoast.com/tune_room_store.htm Thanks for reading this! Judy Pancoast
  3. Hey Sidetrack! Your wish is my command. I just posted a contest for PC members in my forum! Have fun!
  4. Hi Everybody, Many of you here know me...I'm the singer-songwriter of the song so many of you have used in your displays all over the world, "The House on Christmas Street!" It's my favorite time of year, and I love to give back to you decorator folks, so tomrrow (actually, beginning in just about an hour and a half) I'm going to be giving away download codes that will enable you to download my entire CD, CHRISTMAS WITH MRS. CLAUS, for free. All you have to do it "like" my Facebook page, and you'll be in the running. I'll be randomly giving away the codes all day to people who have "liked" the page, so come on over now and join in the fun! The address is: https://www.facebook.com/JudyPancoastMusic Hope to see you there!! AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
  5. Happy Christmas in September everybody! I would love to thank all the decorators who have made my music famous far and wide, and introduce newbies to my music as well. So...today only, come on over to my Facebook page and you can get yourself a free download code to download my latest CD, CHRISTMAS WITH MRS. CLAUS, for FREE. Here's what you do. Go to the link and "Like" the page. You will see a post about Christmas in September. Leave a comment there with the word "planet" in it. I will contact you this evening and give you the code and directions for downloading the CD. This CD has "The House on Christmas Street" and another one written especially for decorators, "Where is Santa Claus?" So come on over and get FREE MUSIC just for YOU!!! Love you guys!!
  6. HI Everyone, I love you guys! I just want everyone to know that if you want to use my song, "The House on Christmas Street" in your display, I'd gladly send you the mp3 for free. Just email me at my website (which is my name, Judy Pancoast) and I'll send it right out to you. As always, you have permission to post your video to any sharing site you want. And please let me know so I can see it, too! I'll post a link to it on my FB page. Oh yeah, please come over and "like" my FB page too! It's here: http://www.facebook.com/JudyPancoastMusic Thank you always for all of your support of my music!! xoxoxoxo
  7. Thank you Tim! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!
  8. HI Everybody, A lot of people have been asking when the individual mp3s of the songs on my new CD, "Christmas with Mrs. Claus," would be available, and I am here to tell ya that the whole CD is now available on iTunes. There are a couple of songs on there that I wrote especially for decorators: "Blessed be God," and "Where is Santa Claus." I hope you like them! The CD also includes "The House on Christmas Street Re-mix" which says "A Merry Christmas Banner hanging high" . Here's the link to iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/christmas-with-mrs.-claus/id579944893 And as always, this independent musician thanks you for your support!!
  9. Remember, I always give the mp3 away to any decorator who wants to use the song in their display. All you have to promise is that you will place a video on YouTube of your house playing my song whenever you get the chance. I am VERY grateful for all of the exposure my music gets from you decorating enthusiasts!! So if you would like a copy of the song, just send me a pm or email me at judypancoast.com. Thanks!
  10. HI Everybody, I'm working on a video for my new song, "Where is Santa Claus?" and I need photos of awesome Christmas displays! If you are interested in having your display be part of this project, please send me your best photo along with your town and the name of your display. You can contact me on my website, http://www.judypancoast.com. Please be sure to include a line in your email stating that I have permission to use your photo. We will try to include as many photos as possible, but only one photo per display. Thank you!
  11. I am leaving on The House on Christmas Street 2012 International Tour on November 24th and I hope to see you all at one of my many stops at decorator's houses along the way. The complete itinerary can be found here: http://houseonchristmasstreet.blogspot.com/2012/09/the-house-on-christmas-street.html THANK YOU PLANET CHRISTMAS for being a major "47,000 Twinkling Lights" sponsor of the tour. Chuck Smith has been a major supporter of my music since back in 2007 when he first invited me to perform at PLUS in Gatlinburg, and I can never thank him enough. THANK YOU CHUCK!!!!!
  12. Hi Brad....I did go to Texas in 2010 and had a wonderful time. If you officially invite me I can start planning the route for 2013!
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