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  1. Brandon, Will start taking down the display this week a little at a time: First is the BM. Also my inflatables, I have 2, a santa train Ill get it blown up and take a picture of it, and I also have the reindeer Barn, I know u were interested in that., May be we can get Hooked up this week and you can come out and see what you want to buy, I sell them all cheap to you. cause I know it will be put to good use , let me know. I really dont want to store this stuff. Thanks Mickey

  2. Walgreen went to 90% off today....whooooo hoooooooo. I hit it just right the store I stopped at had 100 count clear minis for $.40......yes that's fourty cents per box. Blue and white 1/2 wave LED icicle lights for $1.00 per box they were on white wire with a 70 count. Also warm white C-9 25 count for $1.00 per box........ I spent $32.00 in total and I had a savings of $257.00. I went to 6 walgreens in less that One hour and they were all sold out of LEDS only a few odd minis. SCORED at least one store............
  3. Same here in Central Illinois, Menards will go no higher than 50% off.....
  4. I think we are in the ICE BELT.... this year. Calling for another 1/4" of ice and 2-4 inches of snow afterwards..... I may not get the drop cords up until march this year, we had 35 mph winds and it was -2 degrees, I did not lose one mini tree...... lol they are frozen to the ground by 1/2'" of ice and 3" of snow. snow....ice.....snow.....ice....snow.....ice.... what a year.
  5. Welcome to PC, you will have a blast...... but I must warn you ..... do not go to the Blowmold Forum........unless you have a lot of storage cause you will get hooked for sure......... It only takes one and then........two then 100 then .....well Nice to have you here Welcome again...... Post some pics..... central Illinois.
  6. mlittle


    I bought a Hobart 125 wire feed welder from the local farm store, I aathink I paid about $200.00 and then I bought the gas kit for it for about $50.00. I love it but I have not put the gas kit on it yet, I'm waiting on Santa to bring me a cart so i can get the gas bottle and be ready to go. It will do about any thing a home owner will want to do Oh when your neighbors find out you have a welder they will also want you to weld some things for them also from time to time.......
  7. I dont think I will ever put out any more inflatables in the future, they are a lot of work here in Illinois, ICE , snow, wind, rabbits chewing the cords..... BM are fine and working great,...........I guess I will have to build a bigger shed the summer.
  8. Welll not to bad for getting 1/2" ice....... lost 2 large limbs one in the front and fell perfect did not hit any thing, missed the nativity (brand new this year) by a foot. Not the rear limb was a different story, landed right on the Santa House and the CC lane leading up to it. Lost some lights there and will have to dig out more (reserved) lights tomorrow. Will have to check out the rest of it tomorrow and see if the ferris wheel will turns and put out the inflatables, I knew better so I pulled them iinto the garage. ALL IN ALL NOT TO BAD SO FAR......day light will tell more..
  9. Well its 3:30 am and I have been woke up by tree limbs hitting the house, Yep looked outside and 1/2" of Ice..... Still have power but no wind right now......but it is still raining and its 28 degrees...... Man it is nasty outside.... this will stress the display...... will have to survey the damage in the daylight hours.
  10. Yes I am having the same trouble, 45 mph winds, 50 degrees then the next morning is 10 degrees and we had rain, then ice the a 1/2 inch snow. mini trees were blown over .......... I used 2x2 stakes 3' and drove them in the ground, tied the BM snowman to it with 50 lbs fishing line, went out to night and the stake was at a 45 degree angle and frozen in place, ground thawed got soft and then we got 10 degrees.......... Well Illinois has been fun this year to sya the least..........
  11. I went into the house tonight to tell the wife something and saw here just looking at the light on the fan in the living room. Of course I made the mistake of asking her what was wrong, Well then I noticed that the light in the ceiling fan (40 watt) had a flicker in it. Now not a big flicker just a slight one, you know the kind you have to focus on it to tell it had a flicker. I just said wooo hoooo...... and went back to the shop.... It LOR was running Queen of the Winter Night.
  12. This is my 3rd year.......... Im getting 10-12 cars a night, Black Friday was opening night and I had over 60 cars in the first hour. Then saturday I was at 40 cars all night Now I live in a town of 3500 people, that's good, Weather has turned cold so I think that has some effect on it.. wind chill is -2 tonight at 8 pm. Candy canes are getting cold.... lol...lol...
  13. http://stores.holidayinflatablestore.com/StoreFront.bok try this link for replacement, you cna e mail them with the model # of the motor, just ordered one that quit this week.
  14. OK Illinois start showing those pictures and videos. Queen Of the Winter Night by TSO House On Christmas Street by Judy Pancoast web site http://www.freewebs.com/littlexmas
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