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  1. you were right Dave my mouse must have wandered, dont really pay attention to the left side menu much Thanks
  2. Is it just me or is everyone else getting the same message when the "view new content" tab is hit NO NEW CONTENT ????
  3. It would help if you had a site plan of your lot and house arrangement. Are you planning on any berms or planting beds in the yard area? Are there any existing trees on the lot? at a minimum, run 3/4" conduit to each proposed area. Also run some sleeves under your driveway and sidewalks (and of course keeps record of where they are) I have used 4" DWV or septice pipe. Put 2 under the driveway, one for electric and the other for irrigation piping
  4. Maybe I'm being a little overly cautious with the jump to pixels, especially hearing others failures with water ingress and was wonder if anyone has used the 5050 modules in a "direct exposed" setup. Many of these modules are driving the colors in coro related elements. Was thinking of using these around the windows and garage door. Cost wise they are comparable to the Technicolor pixels and appear to have a stronger track record and sealed very well. Have anyone used them as part of a matrix or mega tree?? http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/LED-digital-module-WS2811IC-50
  5. Did anyone have any water ingress isssues with the square pixels or Technicolor ones?? If so, were you able to correct the problem??
  6. Go back and get them!!! I have been using "indoor" artificial trees for 3-4 years and they are all doing well.
  7. Now that the lights are off for 2013 and the planning begins for 2014, some of us are wanting to take the next step into rgb pixels. I was wondering how all the “early adopter’s that used pixels and strips in this year’s show held up??? Do you mind sharing the good and the bad (and hopefully no “bashing of vendors”) What worked?? What didn’t work?? What was the environment that your pixels operated in (snow, rain, ice…?) What would you/will you change?? Did you experience a “high failure rate”?? (like there is an acceptable standard) How did the Technicolor Pixels survive?? Any ass
  8. I believe that DaveMai is inferring that the 2x4 are not enough of a "balast" to hold the deer down in place against the wind. You'd be surprised the affect of the winds on the ridge of a roof
  9. Will it work?? - Yes Is it your best option - Probably not The wire that you selected is a solid core wire not stranded. It will have a limited amount of bending and flexing before it breaks
  10. Bowen, Looks great!! Where did you get those snowflakes?? What size are they?? LED or incand??
  11. are you looking for incandescents or LEDs?
  12. and will they come down as easy as they go up???
  13. GMAC, looks awesome.... just want I have been wanting... Did all of the lights come with the kit? How much?? How do I / we get a hold of Dennis??
  14. The individual sockets are the same principal as the vampire plugs, two prongs that pierce the insulation and make contact with the conductors. There are many stringers on the market that are comprised of the press-on sockets, just done in a more automated environment. SPT-1 or 2 is a standard and all components from different manufacturers should be interchangable
  15. Have you thought about purchasing 100 ft of STP-2 cord and adding STP-2 sockets at the required intervals?? May be your only fall-back solution?? or purchase the spt-2 with 12" spacing of sockets and add sockets inbetween to meet your 6"requirement
  16. Is there a specific reason why the stringers must me SPT-2??
  17. This is a tough question to respond to without knowing more information. I would suggest that you look at some of these videos on youtube especially the comparison ones http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=rgb+led+flood+light If you use the 50w ones you may be able to go all 4 floors but there is not way that even with a 50 watter that you will have even coverage
  18. The majority of us who use vampire plugs do not have fuses on those stringers. Are you planning on using incandescent or LED C9 bulbs? As long as you monitor the wattage per string (like you noted above) then you should be good to go
  19. Rob, Where did you get the North Star over you navity scene??
  20. 400 + ??!!??!!??!!??!! Rob, you can't make a statement like that without a couple of pics
  21. Charlie, What kind of range are you anticipating to get with a different antenna?? You don't want the suits with dark glasses and no sense of humor knocking on your door during the holidays
  22. Also, not knowing the type or slope of your roof, I zip tied the clips onto each socket and clilpped them onto a piece of 1/2" PVC, The PVC is attached to the shingles about every 8-10 feet, This helps keep the bulbs aligned and minimizes the amount shingles that need to be lifted. PS . these are pics of the first year before adding C9 blues and Cool Whites. Also, the fascia and soffit are cleaner
  23. To answer your last question first, can the Big Box store LED strings be shortened, yes, but not worth your time or effort or money to add resistors to compensate for the lose of the bulbs, not to mention that by doing that you deminish the brightness. I would focus on getting a spool of C9 sockets, either 1000bulbs, Action lighting, Novelty lighting or Paul at Creative Display. You are able to cut to size and just add a leader cord to supply your power. I bought a 1000 ft spool from Paul a couple years back, was able to do RGBW on the roof lines and fascia and still have about 15 ft rem
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