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  1. John ... do you think you could convince your Brother to have another Fresno get together? Let us know. Stan
  2. You could add vampire plugs along the way on a C7 string as long as the total connected load does not exceed the ampacity of the protective fuse located in the cord connector. Hope this helps to clarify a little.
  3. u on FB or Myspace??

  4. Hi Rod, Interesting cover unit you found. I'm thinking it will work great but was wondering if anyone can comment about heat sinking. Can a LOR user (ie - Newbie like me) expect more heat generated from using primarily C9 light strings VS minature/LED strings? Z
  5. Thanks Chuck ... I will keep a look-out for some pre-made stuff. Appreciate the offer of connectors! Z
  6. Hello, I was thinking about utilizing/purchasing a roll of SPT2 wire with a bunch of connectors, seems simple enough. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should proceed with purchasing CAT 45 connection cable? As a novice, should I try terminating the ends of this cable myself? Is the term tool expensive? Any recommendations from out there would be most appreciated! Thanks, Stan Z
  7. My thoughts and prayers to you and your Mother. The road to recovery/physical therapy may be challenging, but I am sure she will be pleased with the end result. Hang in there with the job situation, as something will come to you when you least expect it. Stan Z.
  8. Nice job on the spead sheet ... thanks Luke.
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