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  1. Be sure to install cameras at eye level so it can get a good capture of a face. You can hide them in bushes, and other places so they are not conspicuous. A common mistake for cameras is to put them up high so they presumably cover more area, but who can be identified by the top of their head? Not many. Make sure you have a place to store your videos for at least a month or two. Sometimes they become evidence and you won't be notified of the need for several months, especially if there is a car accident in front of your house or someone claims to have tripped on your wires.
  2. I remember getting one last year that looked like this one but we didn't chose to participate.
  3. What do you mean by Do it yourself? Clarify, please.
  4. Got this email today. -------Original Message------- From: Christmas Casting Date: 12/27/13 18:27:31 To: [email protected] Subject: ABC's The Great Christmas Light Fight We are trying to reach you again regarding the show. I don't think we heard back from you last time around. Please give us a call ASAP if you are interested in applying for season 2. Thanks, Kristina Hauser 818-934-4312 Casting Director The Great Christmas Light Fight [email protected]
  5. I believe I read field paint like for sports fields. I know from personal experience, if I'm spray painting something on the grass in the winter, it is not visible when springtime comes with the new sprouts. Some people use Liquid Gypsum, but not recommended for high alkaline soils.
  6. Christmas lights etc has a sale, Home Depot has 50% off. If there is anything left at Lowes, it is probably 75% off by now. Home Depot usually goes to about the tenth or 15h of January before they go 75% off. Target should have good sales by now.
  7. The police like to park in front of our lights to do their paperwork. I love it! That and the security cameras, warnings and two large BARK-ALARMS (dogs) works quite well. We haven't had a problem in 5 years.
  8. To late for 2013, but you can start buying on sale now for 2014. You can rent an snow machine and buy lots of blocks of ice to make it. You can use one of those Snow Light Flurries machines to simulate snow and snowflakes falling that is projected onto your house. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2fN5vLoyYM Artificial snow is very very expensive. But if you limit the area, it won't cost so much. http://www.sno-wonder.com/?gclid=CPu3pqiq0bsCFUho7Aod7lIAEA You can paint your grass white. It wont kill it. In the springtime the new growth will overcome any paint. I live in Southern Georgia, nearly tropical climate, and we don't get snow. The grass always comes back green in the spring. for the gate, can you hang Icicle lights (Gemmy LED icicles http://www.gemmy.com/LightShow_Shooting_Star_Icicle_Light_String_p/82063.htm) on the gate to look like icicles?
  9. I have to add to my tough year: The day after I got released from the doctor about the broken foot, i tore a ligament in my knee. Yikes, another year of healing! I hope the third time is the charm and no more injuries!
  10. here is the link: http://www.command.com/3MContentRetrievalAPI/BlobServlet?lmd=1379960332000&locale=en_WW&assetType=MMM_Image&assetId=1273659903634&blobAttribute=ImageFile
  11. Something I have always had in the planning stages but have not done is using rotating tree stands to put Skaters or dancers on. They rotate one direction then turn around and rotate back, so the cord doesn't get tangled. I thought that might be good for a twirling skater on a pond. I bought a bunch at Hobby Lobby after Christmas for 75% off with that idea. You might like to try something like that.
  12. Welcome to Planet Christmas and I love your display!
  13. No, we don't get snow at all where I live. If snow is a problem for you, then you might want to use all lights like suggested in a previous post.
  14. Welcome. Your displays are beautiful.
  15. Mine is quick and easy. I cut out two 4x8 pieces of white 10 mill coroplast, and angled them to each other, outlined by a mixutres of blue and white LED lights. The shiny coro reflects the lights. I used green and brown spray paint to soften the edges so it blended in with the surrounding grass. Visitors often asked if it was real ice. It doesn't come across that way in photos but it really looked good. http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r42/Clevercanines/P1020963.jpg
  16. Here is a nice idea, and animated tree skirt, It would be easy to make. A few yards of nylon netting from the fabric store, some ribbon and, uh, gee I can't remember the other thing that makes it so pretty....oh, yeah, the LIGHTS!
  17. New Michaels Coupon: http://www.hobbylobby.com/weekly/coupon.cfm
  18. Something I found. It would be fun to make.
  19. Here are some photo plans for a scary Halloween Tree. http://www.halloweenforum.com/members/the-dark-gardener-albums-haunted-tree-new-2008-picture24490-11-poems-made-fools-like-thee-but-i-just-made-haunted-tree.html I thought some would be interested in how to make one like this.
  20. have you looked at these websites? They have lots of patterns the winfield collection.com Meisel.com Sherwoodonline.com
  21. I think this would be cool if there were a long line of these singing simultaneously as the trick or treaters walk by. Hopefully if you flip the switch, they will all come on at the same time and sing simultaneously.
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