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    Just as many of us. Obsessed with christmas lights since i was a kid.
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    Water sports,woodworking,and of course more lights....LOL
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    Florida Christmas, from palm trees,Santa at a Tiki Bar taking a break (no alcohol, bowl of oranges) and 8 tiny Flamingo's pulling a sleigh.
  1. Last Time I Tried To Add The Signature Generated Lor Deal, It Wouldnt Allow It....bottom Off The Page In Edit Signature, Says No On Allow Html....
  2. Understanding that i have a shingle roof and not tile roof, i used 4 in cap blocks right on top of the tiedowns with no problems at all. (we had very windy season last year) I'm not sure if they would stay in place without sliding on the tiles though. If they will stay in place without sliding, would be alot easier than tryin to tote a big pallet up there....Just my opinion......I figure the pallet will slide as well, wouldnt it?
  3. I have the same one in black as well, first the wind caught it, it fell and broke off the lamp at the top, I just put it back in the box and havent gotten around to fixing it yet. Maybe this year.
  4. UPDATE, First, Im not an electrician, But do have a more than basic understanding of it from being inthe constrution field, This is what run into. I cut the wires on the strands, use 16 guage wire run through arches recconected the same plugs with the fuse's (safety considration). they didnt work??? (Should have plugged in after reconnecting) Put that aside and starting the second arche using some SPT2 lamp cords as the extentions, they 2 prong polarized plugs. This time plugged them in and they work. My question is if i go the lamp cord route, will there be a problem since they dont hav
  5. WOW, I missed a very eventful Mini, or lucky maybe?? The way my luck has going, I might have been the hit LOL BTW the Grad Party was a big hit, Had to work till 1000am then run home, fire up the grill to start the ribs, Got-em done just before the party (barely) pheww...... Still sorry missed the mini......Sounds like you guys and gals had alot of fun.....
  6. Sorry im missing it, take lots of notes....... I'll be in touch
  7. Check your local Lowe's last week mine had 500ft rolls of SPT2 wire for $55.00 a roll (white & black) I pick up 4 black for making ext cords.. They said the green just comes in whenever.
  8. Like wise Steve, It was very nice to meet you and family today, Anytime the twins want to see "their" lights, They are more than welcome to come see them, They will be the 4th color on the mega tree, In case they want to know which ones they are LOL:).
  9. I hear ya, If I can salvage it, I'm there......amazing what people throw away....
  10. Thats an idea, I never thought of wiring them straight to the controller, (at work) we have a few roles of 16 gauge wire let over from the rebuild, figured I could use it to extend the the plugs through the arches. Thanks for your responses
  11. This year i will be doing arches, My question is in the contstruction of the first 2 arches i was just seeing how they will look as well as color combo's, I just let the cords hang and plugged them in, One i did with an extention cord taped to the arch, which gave it a noticable buldge in one spot. My question is can cut the plug off the mini and extend the wire through the pipe resplice boths ends, without posing a shock or fire hazard? Of course all ends would be soldered and shrink wrapped, etc. I was just looking at it it seems it would be easier to hide wires, as well as the unused s
  12. When you talk your neighbor into letting you tear down the chainlink fence between you, because you need the top pole for your megatree.
  13. Did you know someone that worked for city? That sounds like a great deal!
  14. Of course I'm new here, I believe i read somewhere you email Chuck and he will remove the thread....(I think) I've read so many threads i lost track of where i read everything LOL
  15. When you move into the garage because your house has more storage space.....
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