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    Our sseventh year of animation and this year we will be up to 128 channels.

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  1. Looking for some sequences for LOR to fit the Greatest Showman, specifically "This is Me". I'd like to keep the lights up until after the new year for a couple of weeks and want to do some tunes that are still inspiring but don't want to burn out the Christmas theme. Anyone have some leads where to find some sequences so I won't have to start from scratch?
  2. RAB

    Nativity set

    yea, it's a weird scenario. I have thought about doing a sequence in between the other tunes where the Nativity would be illuminated without music for a few minutes and then turn it off while the other sequences fire. I guess I want someone else to try it before me. haha. A fine line between offering respect and humility and celebrating the reason for the season.
  3. RAB

    Nativity set

    We found a full blow mold Nativity set on KSL.com in St George last year and put in in our scaled back display. Wisemen, donkeys, sheep, everything. I was thrilled. Drove all the way from Salt Lake City for a weekend stay just to pick it up. I had always wanted a nativity and one year I made one out of cut-outs applied to plywood which failed so I was thrilled to have a blow mold set. This year (after encouragement from our neighbors) we went back to the full LOR display. But after all of the flashing lights and jazzy sequencing, I couldn't fit the Nativity in to the display. I don't mean
  4. Fantastic. Where can I get a copy of the sequence? Not expecting it for free. Also does anyone have a sequence to "This Is Me"?
  5. I am a frequent visitor to Hamilton from Salt Lake City, Utah. I am headed up there for the week of Dec 17, 2018, and would love to drive by some big displays. ANyone care to share in this forum the good places to go. Either commercial or private. I prefer private because I can relate better but being away from home the week before Christmas is depressing and I need a little Planet Christmas hominess. Feel free to PM me or post here if comfortable.
  6. Chuck, Long time fan of Planet Christmas here but since the change of forum format a little over a year ago I am lost. (Plus or minus the time of the change of format) I have really lost interest because I am having a hard time navigating. Any advice on where to get a tutorial of the new layout? I love the service that PC offers the lighting community, I might be too old to adapt to the changes however.
  7. I started too late, shooting for Dec 1 lights on. We sat out last year because we had a neighbor complain about the traffic. This summer she came over and apologized but I was still skeptical. After discussing this in house we decided to do it and began mid october. Still, have to put out the controllers but most of the lights are up.
  8. What Dave said and then some! This is such a huge deal thtat new home owners miss all the time. (Me as well) Builders should offer this even as a an extra cost.
  9. I'd say you did a pretty good job at the video. More important the display and sequencing look GREAT!
  10. Home Depot had sets of mini LED's green for $11 for 100 and if you brought in an old set of anything (leds, incans, working or not) they knock three dollars off. However the greens went fast, I bought 20 sets and went bak to my storew and they were gone. Went to another location and they had enough for 20 more. The seem to be decent quality and are bright.
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