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  1. Planet Christmas and its members have been blessed to have you as a moderator, Carrie. We will miss having you around often. Glad life has some positive changes for you, and I hope everything works out! We'll miss you, Sadie Sent from my iPhone
  2. I see this thread has gotten quite a bit longer while I haven't checked it. Carrie, I must agree with you about the primer. Primer is meant to seal off the color your putting it over. If you put primer on a stripped blow mold, you will be blocking the plastic. Primer will definitely retard the light unless you use a clear primer like Tom suggested.
  3. Chuck, I feel your pain. I just bought a santa's best Winnie the Pooh and shipping was like $45.00. Absolutely ridiculous! That really irks me that those two guys would do something like that :/ Thanks for getting back to me, Sadie

  4. Thanks for the tips, Carrie. I have stripped antique furniture so I sort of know what to except. I will dig up this thread when I start my repaints. Thanks Again!
  5. I'm so sorry. My Heart goes out to you and your family. Just remember that good can come out of these times in our lives. Hugs to you and your family, Sadie
  6. You got some nice molds! I like the Santa in the chimney, He's made by dapol right?
  7. I have gotten a few other pieces: a Empire traditional Santa Claus with green bag. Apparently my aunt and uncle bought two years ago, and never used the extra! I have also gotten a general foam carrot nose snowman with pipe and broom, a dancing Santa, and a santa's best fat snowman. Of course I always buy myself a few things too

    Bad news

    So happy you're okay! See, I told you it wouldn't be bad
  9. yes, a couple years back I got a new union snowman (when the were still being produced). Most of my relatives wouldn't go out of their way to look for molds. So, if they stores aren't carrying molds I don't get any for Christmas.
  10. The heads are made removable for easy packing. Most of the choir people come/came with boxes, and making the heads removable made the boxes shorter. Also, you change the angle they are facing.
  11. Justin, Same here. Hopefully that melts some of the snow. Did you guys get clipped with the last blizzard? around here some of the roads are still in bad shape
  12. Weather isn't usually a problem in New Jersey either, but this past storm hit us hard. We haven't had this much snow since 1996!
  13. Wow, Those are great deals! It's all about opinion, but if you're looking for good resale value than definitely get the union snow lady.
  14. You know, its amazing how an item that was produced a handful of years ago sometimes sells for more than than a much older vintage piece. But how much an item is worth is different for everyone. If I knew better, I would have stock piled all these blow molds!

    Bad news

    Don't be nervous, its not bad at all. I was nervous when I had one done, and then realized it's nothing!
  16. Whenever time and weather allows. Right now there's about 30 inches of snow on the ground. New years day I'll probably take down the blow molds, garland, and another other clearly visible decor. The lights will come down whenever we get a break in the weather. It has been a brutal winter around here thus far.
  17. Fainpa- I think right now everyone's busy fighting over you NIB Snoopy. Somebodies going to be rich when that auction ends!

    Bad news

    I'm sorry, I'll be praying that all goes well for you. I had one done a few years back, and the procedure itself is not too bad.
  19. Shawn- I haven't seen him around here, the only union Santa Claus I see is the 43" Santa with list.
  20. I completely understand people's aggravation and disappointment with Dave and his business ethics/practices, but these issues need to be taken up with him personally if possible.
  21. Nice repaints Tom! I'll have to bookmark this thread so I don't loose the paint stripper and color recommendations. That green is perfect, exactly what I'm looking for. The union molds must be easy to strip, because the paint comes off after a few years anyway, it is quite irritating that there's paint coming off molds that I bought in 2005 and 2006 Thanks again for all the help!
  22. Thats for the stripper recommendation. And about the hunter green: I really like how the hunter green would look in daylight, but I didn't even consider how it may affect the light passing through the mold. Thanks again, Sadie
  23. What a cool picture! Peppers, good work starting them young. Before you know it their collections will be bigger than yours!
  24. Thanks for the tips guys! Jim- That is a good point about the stripper, I am interested in your findings with the alien Justin- The encouragement is very helpful, It seems to be harder than it looks. Patience is very important, especially with a fairly intricate mold. I think I've found the green I would like to use, it's "Krylon Fushion for Plastic- hunter green". These custom repaints could turn out to be a lot of fun
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