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    Retired research scientist. Love to cook, garden, and see how far I can take my Christmas Display.
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    about 180 feet road frontage, one 20 foot mega tree, one Z-tree, 175 strobes, about 175,000 lights (but who's counting?)and about 50 yard items(inflatables, blow molds, wireframes, etc.) Always looking for new ideas to attract new visitors. 20 sixteen-channel LOR controllers, 150,000 lights (about 20,000 LED's, several miles of wire). My display has been in a book, several newspaper articles, TV features and NPR. Couldn't do it without lots of help and support of my wife and several neighbors.

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  1. Ditto to all of the above comments about the mini. Fantastic attendence. I'm always amazed that many people can be doing the same thing and doing it so differently but eveyone's individual way works for them. Frank, Can you E-mail us a list of those who attended? Mona, Are you going to post pictures like you did 2 years ago? Paul, If you'll contact me either through PC or get my E-mail from Frank, I'll send you detailed directions. Like the other Ralph, I'm not climbing on my roof any more. And even though I'm downsizing this year, I'll still have over 125,000 lights, 300 str
  2. Tentatively put me down for 3 to attend the Mini. I say tentatively because my 90 y.o. Mom is in the hospital and not doing well. My wife Ann and my 11 y.o. neighbor-helper James and I plan attend. James attended last year and had a ball. He’s really looking forward to seeing Bill, Andy, Paul and hopefully Al again this year. He has a great display in spite of his young age. We are open to bring anything needed for lunch. RalphS
  3. My wife and I (as well as our 11 year old friend James) are definately interested in a VA Mini even though our show will definately be smaller than in years past. Being from Richmond, location is not that important. Never been to Franks; Paul has a great facility and even better food! Date is unimportant. Ralph
  4. Stephen, It's touch finding a parking space around here starting about Dec 10. I love the CCR's also, especially if there's a background which make the look about 5 inches wide. Even though I plan to decrease the number of lights next year, I hope to add 4 more CCR's. I see that you just added a couple of songs to your display, I do just the opposite. As the crowds get bigger, I shorten the show in an attemp to keep the traffic moving.
  5. Too tired to think. We should be on CBS this weekend not Good Morning America which is ABC. Will post later if we get a better idea of timeas soon as we know! If you're coming by, don't be bashful, knock on the if we're not near the firepit'
  6. There's a good possibilty that we will be on CBS's Good Morning America Weekend this Saturday or Sunday.
  7. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz My wife and I are planning to attend and planning to arrive about 10. I will bring my laptop and CCR and the user manual. If you are a LOR user, you can play with it. The unit id is set to 20. Bill, if you have a metal bender can you bring it? I bought a small one at Northern and am having a tough time bending ¼” rod. Andy, just a suggestion. Name tags. Ann and I probably will know about half the people, but probably none of the first timers. Ralph
  8. I have three things: First, We are planning to attend the Mini May 21 in Fredericksburg, VA. There will be 3 of us. Me, my wife and and a 10 year old neighbor whose really into Christmas Decorating and who really wants to get on the Tacky Tour. Secondly. If you were at last years Mini, you may have met our oldest son who was living in Virginia Beach. Unfortunately he died last October after fighting heart disease for many years. Third. I have just received a LOR Cosmic Color Ribbon. If I can figure out how to program it between now and the Mini, I’d be happy tp br
  9. My wife and I will attend the 2011 mini in Fredericksburg. I will not vote on a date because any Saturday if fine with us. We probably will be bringing a 10-year-old neighbor. He’s really into decorating (any holiday) and is looking for new ideas. I haven’t seen anything posted about topics. If anyone has a color cosmic ribbon, I’d love to see a demo and pick up some tips on programming. Ralph
  10. I can’t remember where I got this idea, but it’s worked for me for well over 10 years. I have 4 signs scattered across the front of my display that reads 24 HOUR SECURITY HIGH DEF VIDEO RECORDING MOTION DECTORS LASER DECTORS A VERY LOUD ALARM SMITH & WESSON I really don’t have all of these, but would-be thieves or vandals have to figure which one/ones I don't have.
  11. My wife and I are definitely coming and there’s a good possibly that our son in Virginia Beach will show up. Last year he did most of my display. Ralph
  12. Sorry to hear about your brother and sorry about taking so long to let you know that my wife and I are planning on attending the mini on June 19. Just got a new GPS and anxious to try it out. We’re anxious to meet a lot of the people we see posting on PC and seeing again many of the folks we met at last years mini. Ralph
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