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  1. Having a a theme (RGB) and having the presentations build on one another made a for a full day of very much appreciated info. The blend of vendor based and DIY perspectives is always a strength of the WA mini. With enough cousins in tow, one could win enough door prizes to stage an entire display. I am forever a convert to coro stars. Rbar was there.
  2. The worst thing with bends and rope light is that you can stretch the wire and it won't actually break until it has been out in the weather. You'll have better luck with 3/8" than 1/2" rope light. I have commercial rope light displays that are absolutely bent around corners or worse; I'm not sure how they succeed at that. Some people heat the rope light with a hair dryer or paint remove to get the bend they want. Look at some neon signs and you'll see they make a lot of corners and kinks work by blacking out the glass tubes rather than making it too complicated. You can "black out" rope l
  3. Yes, I plan on attending. Thanks. Rbar
  4. What is the topic of Pixels intended to cover?
  5. I know that I don't know enough about Kevin's MR16s because while I bought a diy controller for them, I have never bought any of the lights. I'd like to hear more on DIY and DMX. Richard
  6. Home Depot has discontinued rope light channel. I assume it was UV treated for outdoor applications.. Action Lighting's rope light channel says it is for indoor use. Can anyone suggest a source for 3/8" rope light UV resistant rope light channel at a reasonable price? Rbar
  7. I checked PC for order news and am glad to have found it. My only complaint is that Travis' lights are too bright, too cheery and good looking to take down after the holidays. Typhoon Travis is NOT all wet. Rbar
  8. The wireless extension cords are unreliable in the rain and I got shocked too many times when tinkering with them on a wet lawn.
  9. Non-Christmas animated LED display using sheep. This is a commercial promotional display for LED lights. I recommend it. Rbar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDAM5lSPCwk
  10. Bob Rivers has a classic song, "Decorations." The YouTube Christmas light show synchornized to this song has been removed for copyright reasons. http://www.amazon.com/Decorations/dp/B001237E4O
  11. Rbar

    Mini in Oregon!

    An advantage for vendors in Oregon, is that there is no state sales tax.
  12. Thanks to Bill, Nancy and all those who made the mini happen. This was a great experience. Rbar
  13. Yes, I'll be there. Thanks. Richard
  14. Somebody had a sad Christmas in Seattle: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2008637622_webhomestead16m.html
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