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  1. I hit our local target and scored pretty good! No lights, but got tons of ornaments 90% off, as well as stockings, tree skirts, advent calendars, etc. They still had tons of wrapping paper and supplies left, but I just don't have te space to store wrapping stuff. I'd much rather reserve that space for decorations and buy wrapping paper right before Christmas. lol *Heth* http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com
  2. Congrats!! Just checked out some of the 2008 videos on your site, they're fantastic, no surprise you won! Heth http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com
  3. I got up about 6:00am this morning and headed to Wal-Mart for the first of many stores Day-After Christmas sales. I got quite a few things there, including several new trees. All pre-lit, woohoo! No more stringing lights for me! I got a 5 ft black tree that we're going to do a black and gold theme with, a 4 ft. blue tree that is going to be used for a Winter silver and blue theme, a 6.5 ft. for my new beach theme, and a 6.5 ft. green tree just-because... And who could forget, a 4 ft. purple tree. Not to mention several smaller trees, for above the cabinets, etc. this coming year. Got some inflatibles, several boxes of net lights and about several boxes of LED's to play with this next year. We found some Annalee's at Dillards, and went to Target, Kohls, Michaels and Marshalls. Marshalls had the best deals of all in my opinion! They're Christmas decor was marked at least 50% off, then, they took an additional 50% off the clearance price! It made everything so cheap... I found several of the 2ft outdoor tree sets at Target, I had really wanted those so I was glad about that. Heth http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com Trying to Sort Today's Finds:
  4. Hey Everyone I posted earlier in the Toot Your Horn forum, but wanted to give a shout to you folks in the TN board as well. I'm from Texas, but we're on our way home from our week in Nashville for the Gaylord Opryland Christmas events, and I must say, Tennessee knows how to do it up right!!! I've got several hundred pictures posted in my album on my blog, and if any of you are close enough to go and haven't planned to, I highly suggest it! We loved it. *Hugs* Heth http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com
  5. I was at Marshalls (TJ Maxx also!) today, and got an animated Dept. 56 village for 24.99 and it had been $75.00. They are a great place this time of year, to get villages at usually 50-75% off retail.
  6. Jeff, They're a mixture. I've got 15-20 Dept 56 buildings. The rest are a mix of Lemax, Dickens, etc. I JUST heard about the Tyler Dept 56 club last week. I was in the newly opened Christmas store in Tyler and they had a flyer about it. We're hoping to be able to attend the next meeting there in Nov. Thanks!! Heather http://slatonchristmas.blogpsot.com
  7. We started work on our village display yesterday. We got probably half done. We're going today to get more power strips, etc. but I thought I'd share the progress so far! I've got more photos including before and after pictures on my blog. http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com *Hugs* Heth
  8. Hey Everyone I know a lot of you keep up with my blog (Thank you, I appreciate your comments and posts!) and I wanted to let you all know about something new I am doing. This is taken from today's Blog Post: I want to see YOUR trees! I am accepting submissions for the First Annual Slaton Christmas Blog Tree Contest. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed looking at different pictures of trees and getting ideas. And, for some people, they don't get to show their trees off to many during the Christmas season, so that's what I've decided to do here!! Here's how its going to work: Send me pictures (any size is fine as long as its big enough to see the tree nicely) of your tree(s). They can be any size, shape, theme, style, or color of tree. It doesn't matter what year it is from as long as it is a tree of yours or one your family did. (I don't want to get in trouble giving credit to someone else, if its not their tree! ) I will accept pictures until October 20th, and then the voting will begin! I will post all the pictures on my blog, along with a voting option to rate each picture and vote on each picture. Voting will begin Oct. 25th, and run thru December 10th. The Top 3 Submissions will receive an awesome Christmas gift set filled with Christmas Goodies! So send in those pictures, and Show Me Your Trees!! Please send your picture and the following to [email protected] Your Name: Your Tree Theme/Name: Tree Size: (Just for reference) Year This Tree Was Displayed: *Hugs* Heth http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com
  9. Went to eat with Mom and Tiffani at the Potpourri house in Tyler, Texas yesterday and they just happened to have their new trees up for this year... They were decorated amazingly. I had to take pictures and show them! Attached is one, and I've got 14 more posted on my blog, plenty big enough for you to blow up and get ideas from. I want these trees in my house this year! lol http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com
  10. lol My husband shook his head at me at first, but now he's all for it! As long as I have some organization and not so much chaos to it! (Hence the new organization template. lol). I have only done 5 in the past, so this year is a big jump for us. But, I think it will be a lot of fun, plus thru buying out several Craigslisters and eBay, and some stores (LOL) I've got almost everything for it already, so why not? Thanks for the compliments guys!
  11. So tonight I sat down and worked on my template for organizing my trees and themes.... Opinions please? Thanks! *Heth* http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com http://h1.ripway.com/shadedw6ranch/Tree Theme Template.doc
  12. I love that house as well! I've got a picture of it on my blog. I'm currently working on my own version, but I sure wish I could find the inside of that house! lol I would love to see how the indoor decorations are compared to the awesome outdoor decorations. *Hugs* Heth http://slatonchristmas.blogspot.com
  13. Kirk, I am organizing a Display for a Toys for Tots drive, and we've had great luck posting "Wanted" ads on Craigslist. Have you tried that? I am going to pick up a truck load of decorations today, and have gotten many villages thru that ad.
  14. I don't know where else they have them, but we found a fantastic Christmas outlet in Austin, Texas this last weekend. It was at the "Shops at Tech Ridge" on I-35, close to Round Rock. ALL Christmas ornaments and decor was at least 75% off. They had a ton of children's themed ornaments for 90% too. I went crazy! lol Does anyone else know of any places like this? I'm hoping theres one near Shreveport, La or Dallas...
  15. We do 3 trees, but I would love to add more this year. After a Disney World trip last year, I bought tons of ornaments from there, I want to do a Disney tree as well. 1- Hallmark and "Traditional" tree. Red, whites, and greens. This is where we put all our childhood ornaments and ones we've collected over the years. 2- "Travel Tree" Everywhere we go on a trip, we buy a new ornament from the different states/attractions we go to, so we have a 4 ft (probably will move it to a 6 ft this year) tree with just those ornaments on it. 3- Kitchen Tree. This one has ornaments related to kitchen and food themes. Last year I wanted to spread the Christmas Spirit among my nieces and nephews (no children of our own yet, and my sister-in-law's just don't do much decorating) and bought miniature trees and themed ornaments for all 6 kids, and then bought Christmas themed hat box style boxes, and filled each of them with the items for the kids, so they could each have their very own tree. They loved it! And, there were 6 new trees to add to their houses. My favorite was the tree my mom did last year. It is attached below.
  16. It's a long shot but---- If you could find someone going to Disney or someone near there, in Downtown Disney (free access- not a ticketed section of Disney) there was a bargain Disney store when we were there in Oct. I was able to buy a ton of ornaments for anywhere from $1-$2 each and they were great ones. Got some Tinkerbell dressed as an elf, Light up Ball ornaments, lots of cool stuff. Hope this helps!
  17. I am looking to purchase Christmas Villages (Somewhere along the scale of Dept. 56 Villages- Brand names not necessary) and similar scale accessories for a Christmas Festival we are doing. If you have any for sale or know someone who does, please email me at [email protected] Thanks! Heth
  18. I have several 2006 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that I don't have room for on any of my trees. They are new, and in the box. Several are military theme, crayola and children's themes, etc. I am asking $4.00 each for them, plus shipping if anyone is interested. I can take pics of them and if you are looking for a specific one/theme, I'd be happy to look thru them and see what I have. Thanks! Heather S. [email protected]
  19. Thank you for the kind welcome and the links! The villages built in the one link were just gorgeous! We are doing (attempting to anyways) Dept. 56 type scale villages with trains, etc. It is great to be here among others who enjoy the same types of things as us!
  20. Hello Everyone! I am new to the boards and Planet Christmas. I have enjoyed viewing the pictures and reading different advice on here so much the last couple of days. What an awesome site! I have always been a big Christmas person, and my husband Ryan shares my love for it as well. Our outdoor display is not anything huge yet, but we are involved in a big project this year with an Old West Re-Enactment Group we are involved in. My husband and I are heading up an "Old Town Christmas" featuring a lighted and animated display of villages and Christmas scenes. We've collected over 70 villages for this so far and countless trees and accessories. I saw a picture on the 2007 Display section, of someone named Karla's village display. It was beautiful! Does anyone else know of good resources for pictures of village displays? Thanks! Heather S.
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