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    My name is Ryan. I like music, movies, hanging with friends and Art.
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  1. Im so sorry , I will put you and your family into my prayers this evening. I hope your hand gets better as well. If I lived in your area I would volunteer to help you put up your Christmas display in a heartbeat. Take Care Matilda!
  2. WOW! Tom that is SPECTACULAR! Everything is amazing! Wow! Your indoor Christmas displays are always jaw-droppingly amazing, but I think this is my all time favorite indoor display on PC!
  3. Looks awesome Shawn! That Chimney is awesome! The whole display looks great!
  4. Without a doubt! I think if a bunch of us who want a train or want to participate, send a bunch of letters and cookies and all that it would definitely make an impact on Menards...:santasmileyitty:
  5. Shawn that sounds like a great idea! I will bake snickerdoodles that spell out SANTA TRAIN in frosting with a letter on each cookie...that will make an impact. It will also come with a nice letter of how the Santa Train is a good seller and how it would benefit the company...lol The things I would do for this mold
  6. I stopped in tonight at the Galesburg, IL store, no Candy Canes, but everything else that people have been seeing. I grabbed the Snowman with Pipe and a Red and Green Penguin. Has anyone noticed that the Snowman with pipe's pipe is attached to the cheek? I thought that was strange. I took a look around saw some cool new wireframes, they had a really cool red NOEL. They also have an abundance of "crap" aka the plastic sheets with lights. I hate those things with a passion. They had some awesome new LED things though. Cool new Pathway lights, and a huge blowmold selection. I really wish
  7. That stinks when do you think the tree will be down? Mine is only halfway done and its so late in the month I doubt Im going to finish it, my sickness has set me back. Darn Pigs and thier flu lol...I don't have any spark for the Halloween display this year, but I cant wait for Christmas!
  8. Thats really cool Jen!!! How's your Halloween display coming together?
  9. lol I couldnt agree more. I have to order a nose pretty quick. I found one in the garbage a while back ago and need a nose, the one I found had no nose. For now Hes Michael Jackson's pudgy white cousin...
  10. Ohh Dang! How long do the sales go on for on the Penguin and Snowman?? I would go tomorrow but I'm not supposed to go around the general public till Friday. lol. I also need to grab whatevers left in the Halloween dept. lol. :121_reindeer:
  11. fawkes


    LMAO!! Hahahaha! Thats hysterical!
  12. I saw these the other day! I was like "WTF?!?!" and my friends thought I was nuts but oh well...:121_reindeer: Its great seeing this mold back! Its always been one of my favorite Empire pieces. Im definitely going to grab one this week!
  13. Nice to have you on the forum Chad and Elyse!!
  14. Lol If anyone on the site Has a set I am willing to pay for a set or just individual pieces, even ornaments :santasmileyitty:
  15. Looks Great! All it needs is some Hay
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