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  1. The auction is over and the Ramsey is sold to Alfram. Her did a very generous thing. Thank you to all the bidders.
  2. The top bid is now $125. Whoever has the top bid at midnight tonight gets it.
  3. The top bid is now $120
  4. Top bid is now $105. The auction ends Friday at midnight.
  5. The top bid is now $100
  6. As of today the top bid is $61
  7. top bid so far is: $51
  8. I have a Ramsey 25 that is 3 seasons old and has worked great for me. This year I'm going to upgrade so I'm putting it up for sale, but with a twist. It's going to be an auction of sorts. To explain: a friend of a lot of us, Jen Grissett needs some help. You can read about it http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=212993788718691. I'm going to put the Ramsey up for sale and the money will go to this cause, the high bidder will make the payment directly into Jen's PayPal account and I will ship it. There will be a minimum bid of $50. Please PM me your bids. I will do this for a week and the high bidder will win. I'll periodically post the current bid. Please be generous. if you are reading this and are not interested in the Ramsey, please consider donating anything you can to this very worthy cause, this awful economy has hurt so many of us.
  9. I really admire him for putting so much of himself into a project like this when so many others would just dwell on their disease. Way to stay positive - great story.
  10. Jeez, can't you Jersey guys put up a display properly?
  11. cozzi

    Total Diaster

    That's the dumbest way of doing it that I've ever heard.
  12. The Walmart lights this year are 21.5 feet, in the past they were 23.5 feet.
  13. But the problem with this is you'll have an ugly mega tree
  14. Isn't south Jersey where all the pineys and trailer park people live?
  15. You have a very nice display/ Please don't call it modest by "PC standards". there is no standard here, every display is different but we love them all!!!
  16. We agreed on $10 and that's all you're getting.
  17. Okay - I've been following this thread and have held my tounge but now I have to speak out. I need to know your show hours because I'm going to take my wife by to see if your display has the same effect on here. If you see a blue Saturn Vue with fogged up windows, stay away.
  18. Thank you for the kind words John. As agreed, your $20 is in the mail. Seriuosly, I'm glad you enjoyed it-I worked hard on it.
  19. Pay no attention to Chuck. He's a real jerk.
  20. But you really should move to Florida so it would be easier to set up the lights. And easier to take them down. And you could stand in front of your display and watch the lights while wearing shorts and sandals and guzzling beer- like a certain someone we know.
  21. I had the exact same problem tonight. I'm using the same laptop as the the last two years. What version are you running? I have 2.8.8
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