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  1. It may be that they were cash flow positive (i.e., they had more gross revenue more than expenses), but on the books they were losing money due to depreciation on the machinery, furnishings, and building.

    The poor condition of the building may be another factor that caused them to close. If the building requires expensive refurbishment, the investors may have decided that the cost to refurbish the building wasn't a good investment. The cost to relocate the machinery to another building and set up production there was likely high enough that it made no sense.

    Whatever the actual causes, it's closed. The Auction is March 6, 2018. Hopefully, the molds will be saved and get into the hands of people who can do things with them.


  2. Watching this auction myself. While there's no way I have the capital to set up a production line for blow molds, seeing those molds being melted would break my heart. Hopefully, they'll break the molds up into genre, or at least not auction them as one huge lot, so they can be saved from becoming scrap.

    And, looking at the pallets and pallets of partially and fully completed products, I can see buying some of those. Painting these would give my wife and I something to do during the long winters. LOL


  3. It might be my imagination, but it looks like the pool is the dumping ground for broken stuff, and I counted more than 200 pieces in there. Value? nearly zero.

    I see a LOT of stuff that's really faded, and stuff that is missing cords and bulb plates. Value? very little.

    If this was closer, I'd take a ride to see it, but the seller would have to revise his pricing to be realistic. For me, if he gets $5k, he should be grateful.


  4. On 11/17/2017 at 2:46 PM, MattKat said:

    Found this guy for sale recently. Looks more like Harold Gale than Hamberger, but still definitely for this crowd lol.

    Would love to have him but they're asking $800 for him which seems a little steep to me.


    I got this same exact Santa for free on craigslist 15 years ago. The story was the owner had saved it from the trash at the department store where he worked, took it home, and moved it from house to house each time he moved. When he was moving a long distance, he decided he didn't want it anymore. To get it for free, I had to promise not to sell it for a year (as if I would!).

    Unfortunately, it appears he never covered it up between seasons. So, while I have had success gently cleaning his jacket and the rest of his clothes and getting them looking pretty good, I'm stymied by the beard (which appears to be glued in place). The white beard is almost grey. Any thoughts on how to clean the beard would be appreciated.


  5. I have three bolted to the outside of the house, and others mounted inside of presents, bolted to trees, or suspended on stakes in a forest of pine trees or similarly disguised. I use outdoor enclosures, and keep everything at least 18" off the ground. I couldn't imagine running everything from one point given the size of my display (150' from end to end, 50' from front to back, and up to 30' high).

  6. You won't really be able to do 3 axis with the boris skulls unless you do it externally. There is just no room inside to handle the hardware needed.

    You'd be better off starting with a lindberg skull and one of the adapter plates made specifically for it to mount the servos needed for head tilt, rotation, and jaw movement. Lots of information out there. Try this youtube link for a tutorial:

    Once you have the 3 axis skull built, you'll need a servo board and a copy of VSA in order to program the movements.

    Alternatively, you could do something like this with your Boris:


  7. I run a loop and have static lights between the various shows I run each night. Each musical show runs for 30 minutes (which typically means the show is done twice). I have two different shows that alternate. Then, there is a 30 minute animation show, no music, which, while programmed, looks like normal everyday lights that blink or don't blink. The 30 minute animation no music show is actually a 1 minute loop that repeats.

  8. On several of the Halloween boards, there have been postings about "inappropriate displays". One display in Ohio was picketed by a woman who said that the witch being hanged in a noose was "insensitive to wiccans" and "violated her religious beliefs". Others have had their displays plastered with religious materials or been visited by "concerned leaders of the community" (read here: self important bigots) and asked to remove parts or their entire display.

    HOA are the bane of modern living. My parents live in one. Last year some of the non-Christmas-decorating-neighbors complained that Christmas decorations were being put up the weekend before Thanksgiving, and that some were "too big". I was at their place for Thanksgiving and went to see the "too big" display. It was less than 20 strings of lights and a blow-up. Those people who complained would probably throw a fit at my 20K light display and over 100 LOR channels with music. It's the "I can assert my minority opinion to control my neighbor's lives" that will cause me to NEVER live in a community with a HOA.

    Back to the subject of your direct neighbors... I've had frank discussions with my neighbors about what I'm planning each year. No surprises when I erect the cemetary fence at Halloween. No surprises when I put up the two megatrees at Christmas. The only person who doesn't get briefed is my neighbor across the street, who is my main competition for the township holiday decorating contest. LOL.

    There will ALWAYS be someone who will complain. You just have to deal with it in an adult manner, without resorting to an "I'll fix them" kind of juvenile retribution. If a direct neighbor approached with a problem, I'd try to work it out. Non-neighbors with a problem, on the other hand, typically don't get much attention.


  9. I built square columns with a 2x3" wood frame, covered them with foam board, painted the foam to look like a granite column, and mounted the LOR controllers inside. With one on each corner of the front yard, I had a significantly shorter distance to any given string of lights than the previous year, when I bolted them all against the outside wall of the house.

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