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    I love collecting blow molds. I collect Christmas as well as Halloween,Thanksgiving,and some Easter piece's. I mainly collect vintage Halloween and Christmas decorations and toys. I'm absolutely obsessed with blow molds. My ebay ID is skarah.
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    Gardening,blow molds,restoring antiques,going to antique stores,painting.
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    Secretary and part-time crazy cat lady. I model once in a while.
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    My display for Christmas AND Halloween grows out of control every year. Unfortunately,I have to keep most of my molds indoors since the kids in the neighborhood like to vandalize and steal stuff.I hope to move to the country someday so I won't have to deal with this problem and deed restrictions.I'm constantly on ebay buying blow molds for my collection. I'm partial to Union Products molds and have been since I bought my first Union mold of the haunted house. I have a new house so I'm now trying to get use to the layout of the place and placement of the decorations. If anyone has any tips on storing blow molds in attics or any other place,let me know. I can't walk around the attic anymore.

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  1. Thanks everybody. I'll have to try that grease. I've had a strand go out once because I overloaded the circuit and blew a fuse. But other than that,nothing has gone out yet because of the rust and water. We get rain during the holidays sometimes. I've had them for 2 years with the rust and they're still going. I guess I'll see what happens next Christmas.
  2. I think I'm going to cry. It's a good feeling to make someone happy when they really need it.
  3. I'm looking for the exact one I found on the ebay listing.
  4. How long do you think they'll last with the rust before I have to throw them out?
  5. I've had some L.E.D. icicle strands for two years now. They started rusting in the sockets the first year but still work. Should I scrap them or is rust a typical thing with them? I got them at Sam's.
  6. Here's the purple witch I'm talking about. [ATTACH=CONFIG]41945[/ATTACH]
  7. He also has paper stickers on him. It looks like it was made by the same company the made the purple witch I have in my collection. But that one isn't marked either so I don't know who made either one of them.
  8. He has a hole on the back,not the top,and has the plug in C7 light cord.
  9. Wanna sell it once it's thawed out?
  10. I wish! No,I got the set for $59.00 which I think is still pretty good.
  11. I found this green Owl in Cleveland. It's about 4 inches high and has stickers for eyes and claws. It has no markings. Anyone ever see this one before?[ATTACH=CONFIG]41443[/ATTACH]
  12. Thanks. It's been a while,I know. I'll check with Jen. THanks!
  13. Sadie,there were 3 on there about a week ago. The 2,ya know....waited too long to make up my mind. The third I missed out on because my phone had no service in the sticks. But there were some on there recently. I never got a name off of one in their descriptions though.
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