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  1. Nah, I could always build one brighter.
  2. Yea dont remind me, i am just now getting my mega flood finished for it. Go blindness if you dont have sunglasses lol
  3. Well alot has changed over the couple of years you have missed. We are computerized now, and I have brought lots of different stuff i have made to the past minis.
  4. Our 2012 display with 4 faces instead of just one.
  5. Glad to see your coming to the minis again. It was sad to see your ride downtown closed.
  6. To bad you can not attend the mini. Sorry to hear about both of your parents. We are now computer controlled, and slowly building up a display. Not as big as a lot of the displays, but we are trying.
  7. Is there anything in particular people want to see? Maybe i have it available.
  8. yea i have been mainly on diylightanimation and doityourselfchristmas.com.
  9. Stuff i am thinking about bringing: 1. Desktop computer with 2 monitors/ i could show how to use lightshowpro 2.0 with dual monitors;as well as, how to set up a sequence to operate controllers. 2. Lynx Dongle, wireless module 3. Lnyx Controllers-ssr4, lynx express -both wireless and wired. 4. Talking pumpkin face. 5. I also just learned how to sequence 3 axis talking skulls easier using vixen. Anything else that i can think of that might help. I also have some commercial deer buck frames i want to sale. I am attaching some pictures of them.
  10. Ill try to get a new one typed up when i can ok Don.
  11. Sorry i havnt sent you a update for your site yet, ive been so busy with school work i forgot to do it.
  12. Yea over on the diylightanimation site there has been alot of people having that same issue, the nodes that they themselfes were suppost to be waterproof, or the stuff that is waterproof already is just frying after a rain. Ray wu's stuff is not all its cracke up to be. Thats why i just stayed with the standard lynx equipment and its still working. On a side note, ive been very busy to get on here, between collage work (preparing for finals), trying to get my stuff out, all kinds of essays and stuff. I have not had time to get on here, i try to get on diylightanimation and help answer ques
  13. This deer barrier netting might work also. http://cgi.ebay.com/NYLON-DEER-FENCE-CHOOSE-YOUR-SIZE-FOOT-120-x1-30-/220799826376?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item7914c7b89e
  14. He may be using this privacy fencing, as it is made out of plastic and will last awhile . Heres a example http://collinscompany.com/AllPurposeFenceScreen.htm
  15. I drawn out the channel image for the pumpkin face, i need help on the mouth part. Does the big mouth,bottom mouth, over lap the top mouth, or does it not. im iserting a attachmenet of the template i created.
  16. Yea wish you could of too. There was another guy there from Midwest City i thoughtt was you at first. Then he said he just is getting started.
  17. Had a great time at the meeting. Sorry to hear about Toms situation, wish he could have came to the mini.
  18. We was there on thursday, we was in section 1.
  19. I can bring my edm setup with the transmitter, compressor and mixer to go with your antenna if needed.
  20. So what all does everyone need to bring to the mini. SO were not all bringing the same thing.
  21. Yea a couple of people know at diylightanimation.com but not alot of them.
  22. Bring your usb to xlr dongle to, i dont have that stuff yet.
  23. yea im puting together 5 adapters for 3 pin xlr to lor cat5,5 pin xlr to lor cat 5, lor to lynx, 3 pin xlr to lynx, 5 pin xlr to lynx. Im also puting together a microsoft power point presentation on dmx.
  24. Im getting together regular dmx through xlr cable if people is interested in that. A professional controller and a 7 channel laser projector and home made 12 channel controller that operates by dmx i am gonna try to put together.As for lor controlling dmx, you can control reguler dmx through a different device that puts it thrrough xlr cable instead. Dmx through xlr rally only needs two wires to run 512 channels.And this year if you look at my videos, im using a different controllers i made for the lights, it got rid of the flashy color organ look that i used to have.
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