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    My wife and I have always loved Christmas. We are now enjoying sharing this holiday with our son. Although we have always decorated, each year we are getting a biit more ambitious at the urging of our little elf.
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    Forensic Scientist
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    We currently have a rather elaborate and growing Department 56 North Pole Village. Outside is mainly lights, and a few blowmolds, we are hoping to add more annimation and perhaps computerized lights and music this year.

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  1. Thanks for the links, they were what I was looking for. Als thank you for the invite Andy, I will certainley take a drive by and see your display. With your user name, I have my hopes to see a 67 GTO ragtop sitting in the drive way... Once again, thanks to you both. Have a great rest of the Thanksgiving weekend. Dan
  2. Greetings All: I am apparently forum challenged, I ran across a thread that had a wonderful link to a member's web site that had really neat arches and posts. These were anchored with a spiffy welding of two pieces of rebar. One at a 90 degree angle and one verticle. I neglected to bookmark this..duhhhhh. If any of you kind folks know of what I speak and could let me know the site I would be greatful. Thanks again
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