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  1. Living in the snow capitals of michigan and using indoor cords outside, the one thing that I have found out is that if you are worried about water getting into the connections silicone grease can be your friend. Just put a little on each prong of the light strand before you plug it in and bingo helps keep water out. It can also be used to keep water out of the unused female ends as well.
  2. Yes I have herd of it and did stop there once, it is something that will make you laugh, but PLEASE remember that not all of us up here are like that, just a select few.
  3. In the UP as well, the Marquette area to be exact.
  4. Hello from Marquette, way up in the UP. I currently have a small static display, that has been growing every year. This past year I won two lighting contests, one was for the local power company under the entry " Rudolph's Rookies" and the "UP Wide Channel 6 News Christmas Light Contest". Thanks for the amazing site, and the great ideas that folks have shared. Mike
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