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  1. I'm ready and can't wait!! See you all there. Tim
  2. 2010 lighting season brings a big disturbance for most of us! Everyone will be affected for the 2010 lighting season. Well, there may be some lucky ones out there in the US that may not be affected. I
  3. you know I have arches and added a Marty Fan this year. As I was mapping out my Marty Fan , I strongly considered it, but didnt end up doing it for no good reason. I still may, not sure. Of coarse if you choose to do so, you know we all want to see pics. Thanks Tim
  4. Max, True, it is the kind the bulbs can pop out. yes there is rust on the connection pins on about half , half of the out section. I tried to scrape and clean , but wasnt great, nor did I do every single one. Shall I keep on cleaning them? T
  5. Hi all, I have a set of LED c-5 or 6. They may be from Lowes or Target, but I'm pretty sure they are Philips. They worked last season, and just the other day when I tested them. Now all of the sudden, exactly half is out. How can I find and fix this?? Oh, I have them on a 1" X 1" frame for the windows. It was stored and moved safely, Thanks Tim
  6. Ok, the reason I asked is because I have all 41 strobes on one wire (one channel) that is stringed through out my entire house, roof, tree's, shrubs, and chimneys etc. So removing the entire string would be alot of work, plus it is intertwined through the net lights on my chimneys and the entire brick facade of the house. I have left mini's wrapped year around on trees and had no problems at all. After about 3 yrs the tree's were growing around the tightly wrapped lights, then I removed them all. After many people telling me I should leave the ones on the brick facade and chimneys up y
  7. Hi All, I was curious to see if anyone leaves there Curtain Strobes from Darrly out all year long? Also, is the life of the strobe decrease by doing so?? Thanks Tim
  8. Hi All, Now that the season is coming to a close (sad) , I was curious to see what you have learn from your 08' display expirience? Also, what changes will you make or what will be new for you in 09'?? Here are a few of mine to start. LEARNED- Put up your "Tune to" sign up right away. Sometimes, less is more. At least for your average viewer. keep your sequences easy on the eye, easy to follow. exspect some lights to fail through out the season (i think we all knew this). If your new to this, (my second yr) as the season goes along, you will see an increa
  9. I have had the display up since Black Friday, daily 5-10pm, with wind and rain through out the whole season. Now in the last 3-4 days, I'm finding a strand out here and a half of strand out there, and still growing (some incandecents and some led). I have about 5 strands of lights out and about 5 section of lights out of a strand elsewhere. Is this normal? I really havent had this before. I guess one could say this is all relevant right? Last yr I had 8 channels and I guess about 10 thousand lights. this yr I have used 50 channels and about 25 thousand lights. Didn't know if an
  10. Hi All, Saturday traffic really picked up, many mor cars/drive bys/ park and watch etc. Now I did get my "Tune to" sign on the lawn just before dusk, but I really believe most traffic came from it just being Saturday, getting closer to Christmas and maybe word of mouth. Maybe all of that and the sign , but at least I'm getting alot of people that are enjoying it. I have a few people that knock on my door to ask questions and thank me too. One of my visitors last night were two young girls (couldn't have been more than 12yrs old) sing carols to me when I opened the door. It was f
  11. I'm very sorry, I just checked. It has (2) 1/4" jacks. an IN and an OUT. It also has a switch as well as a an on/off switch, and the knob for flash per second. Tim
  12. It has a plug and thats it other than the small knob to control how many flashes per second. I can even find a fuse. How much do the bulbd go for? where do you get them? Thanks Tim
  13. Hi All, I have/had an American DJ "Snap Shot II" (75 watt strobe from Guitar Center, approx $70 bucks i think). It worked well and even worked well on my short test while plugged into an LOR channel. I sequenced the strobe in spots of one song (Careful to have it on full) then went to run the show, and strobe not working. I unplugged it and took it to a regular outlet unrealated to LOR and still nothing. Any Idea's what happened or went wrong?? Is it fixeable? bulb? fuse? or am did I do something I shouldn't have?? Thanks Tim
  14. Toy, You know I have to agree with you. Alot of people don't know that it is a show(lights and music). Secondly I can't rely on them hearing my lawn speakers. So it leads me to believe that I better get a sign out there NOW. Any show in my opinion is useless if you can't hear the music or at least hear the music at a medium volume. I feel that when you are surrounded or emerged etc with the sound the total expirence/show has an impressive impact. Thanks Tim
  15. Hi all, Through out the yr I said to myself I could care less how much traffic I get, but now I do seem to care. When the LOR 72 channel display went up and "on" this year, It definetly gained some attention which was cool, but It was more cool just look at it and say "wow". The amount of peopled doubled everynight, but was sparatic and spaced evenly through the 5-10 hours the show is on. Then just recently , last 3 nights it slowed a decent amount, I thought the word would spread and I would have more. Since I invested so much into this over the year, I kinda do look forward to lettin
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