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    Newbie in 2008 - 64 channels of D-light controlled by LOR software. For 2009, over 320 channels and 4 fireflies. Also responsible for helping bring meteor tubes to the masses through group buy.

    No longer doing animated lights.
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    College Football - intense Alabama Crimson Tide fan - neighbors know when Alabama is playing on TV...and I live in Dallas. Still love me some Alabama Football!!! Oh yea, and lights!!! Blinky flashy...is that what they call it?
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    Christmas in the O.C. is dedicated to bringing positive attention to the "O.C." - Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) has a reputation for not so pleasant activity.

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  1. Hi fellow light enthusiasts - Home Depot is sponsoring a contest and the winner receives a $5000 donation to the charity of their choice. We raise money for the SPCA of Texas during our display - Home Depot's contribution would be awesome. To vote for our tree, you do have to register on HD's site - it is quick and painless. And, then click nailed it by our tree. The link is below. There is also a video link posted in our contest entry! We are currently needing your vote to at least help us look attractive to Home Depot when they choose the winner on Dec. 24! Do it for occhristmas, do it for the SPCA - thanks for your support!!! http://community.homedepot.com/t5/Best-Dressed-Tree-Contest/Christmas-in-the-O-C-Oak-Cliff-Texas-that-is/cns-p/3353
  2. http://community.homedepot.com/t5/Best-Dressed-Tree-Contest/Christmas-in-the-O-C-Oak-Cliff-Texas-that-is/cns-p/3353 Please help occhristmas win $5000 for the SPCA of Texas by clicking on "Nailed it" on the link above. You will have to register on Home Depot's site, but it is quick and painless. Provide your email address and create a user name...then vote!!! Thanks for your support!!! occhristmas www.occhristmas.com
  3. Here is overlay sticker that I had made at a local sign shop - it is simply a large sticker that I attached to coroplast and placed inside one of those metal "For sale" realtor signs. Next year, all I have to do is get the sign shop to print me the dates for the current years show and I will place over the last years dates. I also use coro for the tune to sign - hope that the channel doesn't change, but you never know.
  4. These are the tubes that we purchased through a group buy - they are direct from China. The group buy was run pretty early in the year (April/May) because I was so infatuated with them, I couldn't wait to get them in. With the help of a seasoned guru here in the DFW area, we had these custom made. The interest that these tubes have created has been so cool because they are also getting to read our sign with the information about the SPCA of Texas that we are sponsoring this year. Just by the traffic from the tubes, we have raised almost $150. We don't even have the setup complete - we are maybe 50% complete and have already raised more monetary donations than I thought that we would raise the whole display. I figured we would fill up some bins with easy cheese and kitty litter, but this is such a pleasant surprise. The squirrels, though, might be a problem. They discovered them yesterday - and while I think we have them secured, squirrels are such awful, destructive creatures. So, we will see.
  5. Hi - just thought I would share a short video of our installation of the LED meteor/snow tubes. Four of my neighbors and I along with others purchased these earlier this year. They have served as an excellent teaser of what is to come - I am overwhelmed at the response. People are actually coming to our door and ringing the door bell asking us where we got them. We have over 75 high in our trees - pretty mesmerizing sight. You Tube Link: Our website - www.occhristmas.com Best of luck with all of your displays - Happy Thanksgiving! Occhristmas
  6. u dont have any of those meteor tubes for sale do u

  7. I have contacted those who have already signed up and pointed them to a very reputable U.S. Christmas crazy! Valerie at www.christmas-leds.com now sells these tubes and her prices are incredible!!! Plus, she has a huge assortment of colors and also an additional size to choose from. Please check out what she has to offer at: http://www.christmas-leds.com/category.aspx?categoryID=313 If you have any questions, please let me know. For those of you who have paid, I have refunded your money. Can you believe it is August already???
  8. I have been getting so many good questions, but the questions have not been posted in the forum for all to benefit. So, I will recap a few of the questions: "Are these waterproof?" - If you are familiar with rope light connections, you can get an idea of how these connect. With a screwable cap and watertight washers, these tubes are waterproof. Just to make sure, I did perform a test by placing a tube in a rubbermaid tub full of water and left it plugged in for a little over an hour and the tube suffered no water damage (not something I would suggest doing with yours though). "Are these controllable by LOR or D-Light?" - You can send a 100% on signal to these using your controller, however you cannot control the speed or even which pattern begins first (these tubes are unique in that they have 3 distinct dropping patterns as you can see in the videos - it would be really cool if you could group all of the tubes that start out with the same dropping pattern together, but it isn't possible to do this). I have connected these directly to my D-Light DC controller and have sent them on signal to mimic a firework shooting into the sky by turning the tube upside down. I have sequenced a couple of these and the response rate is reliable - you will have to play around with the timing, but a 3 second 100% on signal seems to do the trick. "How many do you think I need?" - Well...I guess this depends on a lot of things and I cannot answer this question for you. These things are expensive, so in the end, your wallet will be more able to answer this question. "Do these come with the power supply?" No - the power supply is $6 and can control up to at least 20 tubes. Since many of you are powering these with your DC controller, the price of the power supply is not included. There is a 15 foot length of wire between the the plug (wall wart) and the first tube connector. "Are you limited by the distance between each tube?" - Each tube comes with a connecting cable that from end to end stretches 13 Feet (the drop for the meteor tube is in the center of the cable). These cables come with watertight connectors. Also included is a plug for the last unused connection so that water will not get into the exposed connection - what I plan on doing is just connecting my last meteor tube into that socket and not worry about having an open connector. I hope this helps! Please post any questions you have in the forum, or visit www.occhristmas.com for more details.
  9. The success of the first LED Meteor Tube group buy has created enough excitement that we are running a second one!!! For those of you who may not be familiar with these meteor tubes, you can visit www.occhristmas.com to see photos and specs of these tubes. You can also check out the video of the first group buy tubes: www.youtube.com/user/occhristmas. I have learned from experience that a set of ground rules must be established at the announcement of a group buy. I have borrowed these from a fellow Christmas crazy who lives near me and modified as needed. So, here's how it works - you MUST follow the instructions on the announcement form on our website: So, if you are serious about purchasing the LED Meteor Tubes, fill in the order form on http://www.occhristmas.com/meteororderform.html. If you prefer, you can also send an e-mail to [email protected] and make sure that you include all of the information requested below. Please do not send PMs and please do not send to my regular email address. OK, that's basically it. If you have any questions, please email or post a message in this thread so everyone can benefit. Complaints will likely be ignored. Thanks!
  10. The LED Meteor Tube Group Buy has ended - all of the participants will be updated as to the status of the order. I am sending our payment to the manufacturer in the morning. If you have any questions, please contact me mailto: mailto: [email protected] I have closed this thread since the group buy has ended.
  11. April 28, 2009 (Tuesday) is the final day to take part in the LED Meteor Group Buy! The order will be placed on April 29, 2009 - the photo of the group buy product is attached to one of my most recent postings. I am very excited with the design! Visit http://www.occhristmas.com/ledmeteor.html to find out how to participate in the group buy. After the 28th, these specially designed tubes will no longer be available - Christmas in the O.C. will not be selling these after the group buy. As of 11:48pm on April 27, 2009 I am completely caught up with orders and questions - at least, I think I am. If you have not had your question answered or have not received a money request via paypal, please contact me.
  12. Updated Photo of the Product - this is the prototype of the group buy meteor tube. Please visit http://www.occhristmas.com
  13. Reminder - April 28, 2009 will be last day that orders will be accepted for the group buy. If you would like to participate let me know. http://www.occhristmas.com/ledmeteor.html
  14. I have corrected all orders from yesterday and resent invoices to those who still wanted to participate - if I missed anyone, please email me to let me know. Also, I wanted to update the status of the upside down meteor using a contact hook - hasn't fallen yet. I think that I am all caught up on emails and orders now - keep emailing me if you haven't gotten a response, I was swamped there for a while! But as of now, all caught up.
  15. Please do not refer to the group buy order as snow or snowfall. The group buy is for meteor lights - and since we (the manager of the group buy) are not making profit off of these and we are not a business, we hope that those who are following this thread understand that in no way are these meteors going to be sold for profit once the group buy has ended. There are some who have threatened the group buy with harrassing phone calls - and, if you ordered any of the meteors today, I have cancelled the invoices that were sent out. For those of you who have already gotten in on the group buy, please know that if we are squashed by the bullies who think that our group buy is a threat, that you will receive a full refund. Unfortunately, if the bullies keep harrassing me, I am out quite a bit of money through paypal fees. So, if there are any attorneys out there in the community who have some advice for the group buy, please chime in! It seems as if I might be needing some - I hope that by removing all references to the trademarked name will be sufficient. It isn't my fault that the company who trademarked the name does not market them to the Planet Christmas community - before we started this group buy, there were probably only a handful of people who even knew about these. Also, any reference to the meteors as anything but meteors or meteor lights have been removed from my personal site that just happens to be the place with the group buy information - once the group buy is over, the information will be removed. I do apologize for any reference to snow or describing the effect as such. Unaware of the trademark of this name, I honestly made a naive mistake and sincerely regret referencing the group buy with a trademarked name. I am a first time manager of a group buy and will definitely do everything I can to make sure that the group buy does not give the impression of being the same as the trademarked name. _________________________________________ Regarding the last request to add a connection to the bottom of the tube for hanging it upside down, I regret to say that any more changes to the design would mean an increase in our quote. I do think that the modification can be done easily - I tested out using some of the small Command hooks (the tiny ones) and they worked really well. I have had it dangling from the Command hook for nearly an hour (roughly the time since I read the request) - and the meteor hasn't fallen and the command hook hasn't ripped off!
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