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    A Christmas Story
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    Dallas, TX
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    Newbie in 2008 - 64 channels of D-light controlled by LOR software. For 2009, over 320 channels and 4 fireflies. Also responsible for helping bring meteor tubes to the masses through group buy.

    No longer doing animated lights.
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    College Football - intense Alabama Crimson Tide fan - neighbors know when Alabama is playing on TV...and I live in Dallas. Still love me some Alabama Football!!! Oh yea, and lights!!! Blinky flashy...is that what they call it?
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    Christmas in the O.C. is dedicated to bringing positive attention to the "O.C." - Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) has a reputation for not so pleasant activity.

    Website is no longer active.

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  1. u dont have any of those meteor tubes for sale do u

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