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    mother of 2 grown children(19/22) .Been with b/f 5 year's.
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    Yard Sale's/Flea Market's.Nascar fan.(15 year's ,Carl Edwards fan)

    Collect Amish decor,NASCAR collectibles and country/Christian Christmas decoration's.
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    I love to decorate with Christmas decor that has a country style .

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  1. just wanted to let u know it is up and running the show is about 30 min and i am on dumplin valley behind the coop on hwy 92 80 thousand lights this year

  2. Thank you for sharing the photo's of this beautiful nativity. It is sad that someone has painted over the original color's . A nativity such as this should of been taken well care of and when stored should of been done so as to not receive damage . It is evident that the previous owner's did neither . I have no doubt that this was once a work of great value. Thank you again.
  3. I seen a few snowmen and Santa's at Kmart and Santa's at WalMart . My guess...blow mold's are on the way out and inflatable's are gaining in popularity. At least when it comes to storage inflatable's take up A LOT less room. At Kmart there was a grand variety of blow up's .At least 10 ,but there were only 2 different blow mold's.
  4. Hi Brian ! Welcome to Planet Christmas.
  5. Terri


    Jeff ,my thought's and prayer's are with your family.
  6. http://homedecor.cafepress.com/item/bulldog-best-friend-ornament-round/14764028\\ Haven't seen any when I've been out ,but here's one that seems to be very similar to the one that you have pictured.
  7. I was thinking about having my b/f put up our light's outside around the house but not plug them in the next nice weekend we have and I don't think we're gonna see too many more of those. However I won't put up the decoration's inside until after Thanksgiving. And we won't set up our nativity until then outside.
  8. You sound like me and all of the Christmas decoration's that I've bought these past 2 month's at yard sale's ,flea market's ,Goodwill and Hobby Lobby. Right now it is stacked behind the couch,beside the tv, in one corner of the bedroom and in the bedroom closet . I just can't see packing it all down stairs when I'd just have to tote it back up after Thanksgiving. When I bring up what is downstairs from the past few year's that I've collected ,I'm going to go through it and get rid of stuff that I no longer want so I can make room for the "new" stuff. My b/f says that we need a bigger house so I have room's to put everything in to decorate .
  9. My deepest sympathies to your friend's family and to you as well.
  10. Eric ,although I'm not in Iowa,I just wanted to say that I love your show.
  11. Hold the door Chris,I'm on the way.I LOVE Smarties!!!!!!!!!
  12. I give candy to everyone who comes to the door. I'm already getting Trick or Treater's. They started at 5:00PM . When I was little we didn't start until dusk.
  13. What I'd like to know is where you people find the room to set up so many tree's. I hardly have room for 1 tree's.
  14. We bought 4 bag's .We start out giving 2 piece's and the later it gets the more the kid's get.
  15. Great finds Shaun ! Yah ,that bunny is pretty scary looking . Kinda like those one blow mold choir kid's.
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