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    My name is Diane. I am married. We each have 2 children and We have 11 grandchildren. I am disabled so i don't work outside of the home. My favorite holiday is Christmas and I love to decorate. I grew up in the northeast corner of Iowa but have been away from there for 30+ years but I still miss a white christmas so I decorate outside as much as possible and I love to see the grandbabies faces as we put the stuff up and over the holidays.
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    quilting, crosstitch, crochet, crafting, candymaking and baking
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    I have airblowns, santas, snowmen, candy canes, christmas trees, snowflakes, reindeer. I started out with just strings of lights about 10 years ago and know have a good collection, I want to make some unique decorations like wire frames, stuff I can't buy in a store. We decorate the front yard about an acre but a few years ago we cleared the acre beside our house and I want to expand.
  1. I use old light strands as extension cords all the time, my husband is an electrician and he says as long as i don't go over the load for the cord, i can use them, i plug 1 reindeer into an old cord and run it to the big extension cord. It saves us money on cords and when i plug to much into the light cord he lets me know. He says as long you watch what your plugging into them they are fine, after a few years of using one we throw it away.
  2. I use appliance timers on everything in my house. Set your timer to the time you want, turn the candles on and plug them into the timer. They will go on and off via the timer.
  3. This recipe is really good. They taste almost as good as real Reese's Peanut Butter Cups 1 16 oz jar chunky peanut butter 1 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 stick butter 1 box 10x powdered sugar 12 oz bag chocolate chips (I use milk chips) Mix all ingredients together except chips. If to dry add more peanut butter. Roll into 1" size balls. Melt the chips. Dip the balls into the chocolate to coat. Place on a waxed paper covered baking pan and place into the freezer till chocolate is hardened. You can also use a mold place some chocolate into the bottom of the mold and with a pa
  4. Thanks for the replies, used a good primer and paint. The problem is my grandbabies helped and they put glitter on some of the candies we painted on the house and i know that won't stay on. I am hoping if i weatherize it you could still see the glitter. The lollipops are going to be cut out of 1/2" plywood and then painted. Holes drilled and lights put through the holes and then put on pvc pipe. I want to make them about 12" but i don't have anything that big to trace around. We are also going to cover plastic containers with cellophane or paint them with stain glass stain or paint
  5. My daughter and I made a gingerbread house and a couple gingerbread men. They are painted with exterior paint. I live in Texas and don't want to touch up every year. What can I put over them to weatherize them? We also want to make some lollipops and candy to put on the ground around the house. How do I get a perfect circle for the lollipops? Thank you Dirc
  6. dirc

    changing to led

    Thank you so much for the information.
  7. dirc

    changing to led

    Hi I joined this site a couple months ago and I LOVE this place. I want to start changing to led bulbs in my inflatables. Do i just buy led replacement bulbs? How do I know what size bulbs they need? How much does going led save on the electric bill? Thank you
  8. Thanks so much for the quick response. I LOVE this website.
  9. Hi I'm dirc. I'm not sure where to put this. I joined a few months ago and i love this site. I have filled a tablet with ideas, thanks to all of you. I have a question, I found 4 1" metal pipes about 3 ft tall I want to make candy cane lamps out if them, what is the easiest way to put the stripes on? How do you get them straight? I am not very good at freehand drawing. Thank you
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