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    Walking downtown as a child to the Santa house... There was a path lined with tall metal candy canes that lead you to a small birdhouse shaped Xmas house... I remember the wall paper and the old element heater... We got a big candy cane as we left... And we would drive around looking at lights... I was always memorized by the street decorations... We had the red lanterns, the scintillos and candy corns in a wreath... Turns out thy were bells... Lol. This fully explains my obsession now...
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    Lake Geneva, WI
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    hhmmm.... What to write for a bio on a christmas website? I'm funny, creative, love LIGHTS! If you want know more... just ask
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    Lights, Ebay, Madonna, Christmas, Family and Friends!
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    Interior Designer
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    I collect commercial stuff. City Street decorations, Animated Elves ect. I love Lights! My mom says that "light" was my first word!

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  1. Here a catalog pic. Or maybe not... lol.
  2. Can I buy the bees from you? I'm just buzzing over them
  3. I would like a deer or two... Someday..
  4. I need the knome with candy canes on pg 22 of the catalog.... Hit me up,if you have one
  5. How cool is this! Where is your park?
  6. I didn't know they sold them in green. I've only seen red and white.
  7. Commercial display piece. Most likely fiberglass...
  8. Hi Jim and welcome! I will have to find your display! We will be back moving back to Chicago in the next couple months... Maybe you would like meet up sometime? Take care and welcome! Sam Eagan
  9. Love the snowman! Cute design! Garland can be purchased from GP Designs out of Marion, IN If you need contact info... Shoot me a message
  10. Wondering if there is custome inflatable makers out there? Any help would be great! Thanks, sam
  11. I'm looking for some white stringers.... Whatcha got? And how much? If you're willing to sell to me... Thanks, sam
  12. Would you consider sharing that sequence?
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