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    Balboa Island (Newport Beach), California, USA
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    I have been an extreme Christmas display decorator since 2001. Attending PLUS 2005, 2007 and the coming Plus 2009 have been (& will be) an invaluable decorating tool.

    My education and experience background is in business management and finance. From time to time, when work begins to wear me down, I can turn to Christmas lights for a great diversion (hobby) and challenging break.

    The PlanetChristmas community has been a very good experience for me to get to know fellow enthusiasts. I hosted the most recent So. California Mini Plus in the summer of 2008. This allowed me to make more local contacts and get some creative ideas.
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    Christmas Lights / Travel
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    Financial Officer
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    MUSIC, MOTION, AND MERRIMENT - - Newport Beach, California is home of the annual "Christmas Boat Parade", known as one of the ten best Christmas viewing events in the country. This award-winning house, located on Balboa Island in the middle of the Newport Harbor, is viewed by thousands of visitors who came by car, by foot, and by boat!

    No wonder so many people stop to gaze at the lighted wonderland. There is animated action galore. While Christmas carols play in the background, "snow" drifts from the rooftop dispensed from a manufactured snow machine. On the rooftop, Santa waves from a chopper with rotating blades and a gingerbread man jumps on a lighted trampoline. Lighted wheels rotate on a choo-choo train; a tin soldier drums his drums; a snowman tips his hat; a gyrating Santa Claus dances; and even an illuminated Hula Dancer' wiggles back and forth!

    The house is anchored on one side by an eye-stopping 25 foot green blinking Christmas tree. On the other side the eight foot wid
  1. I need to replace 1,800 mini lights. The existing set is wired 100 bulbs per set (circuit). When I replace an existing bulb in the old set with a bulb from the new set and test, the new bulb instantly burns out like a flash bulb on a camera. The new bulb also comes from a set wired 100 bulbs per set. What do I need to know to get the correct bulbs? Discarding the existing set of lights and replacing them with new sets is not an option.
  2. SoCal Mini PLUS 2008 - UPDATE - An informative and fun day awaits all of you who have already signed up. For anyone who has not signed up yet, there
  3. Our MiniPLUS keeps growing! More presenters, more free Give-Aways and goodie bags for all attendees. Plenty of great food planned. We're at 20 attendees with only a little more space available. If you can come, signup now to insure your space.
  4. My house is only 30 minutes from Long Beach, down the coast. We are up and running from Thanksgiving Night through December 31st. We have ten songs programmed using 96 channels of Light-O-Rama. Directions are on my website: www.ZimChristmas.com Ask your brother to introduce himself for a full explanation. Regular visitors just get an explanation "the computer does it."
  5. ATTENDANCE KEEPS GROWING! - JULY 16, 2008 Our education curriculum is coming along very nicely. Sample topics: construction of animated palm trees, tricks of the trade (special tools), LOR2, projections, printed catalogs and information, just for fun - a presentation on decorating a boat with animation in the Boat Parade, and much more. FREE GIVE AWAYS AND GOODIE BAGS FOR ALL ATTENDEES! Space will become limited as attendance confirmations are received. Respond promptly to assure your seat. Spouses welcome.
  6. Southern California Mini PLUS 2008 COME JOIN THE FUN! LETS TALK CHRISTMAS LIGHTS What: Pot Luck BBQ Mini PLUS 2008 When: Saturday, August 23, 2008 Time: 11:00pm to 12:00pm Social Hour 12:00pm - 4:00pm Program Hosts: Greg & Loretta Zimmerman Contact: Greg for a detailed map at [email protected] or (626) 388-3691 cell Where: 27548 Ashwood Lane, LAKE ARROWHEAD Cost: None. RSVP for food assignment; main entre provided Learn: Learn tricks, tips & tools of the trade Discover new ideas from fellow enthusiasts Bring: Stories & information about YOUR display Other: FREE GIVE AWAYS for those who attend. Come early & visit Lake Arrowhead Village.
  7. promustangman wrote Chuck Smith said it best: Crawl, Walk then Run. Like many new programs, there is a steep learning curve. Once you get to that magic point in the learning curve, things make sense then you start to cook. Your neighbors will be really impressed when they see the computer synchronized show.
  8. We start physical installation of the lights on November 1st. It takes2 1/2 weeks to get the display hung and wired correctly. Thanksgiving night is our first night in operation. There are several thousand people who come to walk around our island at night during the 4 day holiday. Only a few people ask why so early? What kills meare my neighbors begging me to turn the lights on for them for a sneak peek, before they are electrically connected. It's odd, Thanksgiving night is when a awful lot ofislanders in addition to visitorsjust happen to be on our street walking around at night - - NOT. They want to size up the competition.
  9. Coro question: With the graphic drawn, how do you make the mini light count come out even so there are no (or few) leftover bulbs to cap or cover? The best I can think of is to (1)pencil proposed holes for the lights and then (2) count the proposed holes and then (3) readjust the spacing accordingly. There has to be a better solution.
  10. Maybe the problem is the 120,000 byte limit. If so, use an optimizer go get the size way down. I use Interactive JPEG Optimizer, it's free and I'm happy with it: http://www.download.com/Interactive-JPEG-Optimizer/3000-2192_4-10442953.html
  11. My solution was simple sincethere isvery little space for a sign. I used a converted real estate sign, had a sign shop add the text and then added the ropelight. Works great and the ropelight is tied into the LOR computer show.
  12. It is really amazing how many good ideas everyone has. So I'll throw my thoughson the stage. I used netlights attached to a wire frame handmade with zip ties from rods purchased at Ace Hardware.The net light has every 4th bulb blinking. The effect is great in person! See thebelow photo and look at the upper right-hand bedroom window. To tone it down a little, hang a sheet or equivalent in front of the nets. My videos show the net light, they are connected to our (LOR) computer show. The videos can be found at http://www.zimchristmas.com/pictures.php
  13. There is also another version of the same tester available. It additionally test GFI and is colored red. Below is a photo, though it is not on sale.
  14. During the year, I have had good luck buying rope light on ebay.
  15. Your deer arrangement and the red ribbon around the neck is a very nice touch.
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