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    At present my wife and I have around 300 christmas blowmolds. We just started doing this for christmas 2007!
  1. This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but, I am so very thankful for my husband. I feel like I am the most blessed woman in the world, to be married to such a wonderful man! I think so many of us take our partners for granted. Please take a moment and tell them just how special they really are. Thank you for allowing me to let all of you know, just how special the man I am married to is and how thankful I am to have him!
  2. Happy 25th Carrie and Dave!! " Here's a toast to Carrie and Dave for (raises a champagne glass and (ok its a pop can but its the thought that counts) hoping their selective hearing continues the rest of their lives so that their marriage continues the rest of their lives!!" Seriously we hope you both have many more happy and healthy years a head of you! P.S. If there is any really good cake save us a slice...LoL!
  3. We have been busy here with some extended family staying with us for the past few weeks so haven't had much time to hit any sales/ auctions lately but now that they have gone back home !!!!! (whoops I forgot you are supposed to be happy when family is visting) LoL! Anyway they have all gone back home now its time to get ready and go blowmold hunting again!!!
  4. They are beautiful!! I make garlands for all the different holidays and if you don't mind I love to borrow your idea!! They really do look awesome! Thank you for sharing your pictures and your ideas!! Candee
  5. I have the bunny with the black eyes/eye brows and he has a sunhill sticker on his bottom!
  6. I watched the video and did not enjoy it at all, especially if it was done purely for entertainment, I did not find ANYTHING about it entertaining. The only reason I could come up with in my head and heart that might help justify an action such as this, is if it were being done to teach the danger of firecrackers to children and even then ,I think you could come up with something besides a blowmold. This could show children if it can damage hard plastic like that just imagine what it would do to your skin,eyes,nose etc.
  7. Andrew, You just amaze me with your displays, and after seeing these lamps painted in these colors, I just can't wait to see pictures of your Easter display. I am sure it will be just as beautiful as all of the other displays you have shown us! The amount of talent the people have in the blowmold forum is truly incredible!! Candee
  8. Well if she would shoot to kill over a mold then I would say.... YOU BETTER NOT MESS WITH HER MOLDS ...
  9. Hi Lori. Yes you can buy the bunny stack new, I got mine thru Miles Kimball and if I knew how to post the link to their site on here I would...LoL! If you do buy the stack you are going to love it because it is just so adorable!! I bought the bunny with the duck belly thru them also but I must say I was unhappy with the paint job on the ears because it just flakes off so easy but as cute as his face is ,it kinda makes up for the paint loss on his ears. Anyway good luck on your bunny hunt!
  10. Hi Brad, Actually I had the Mrs.! Frank had the MR. and sold him to me! (Thanks again Frank) Brad I'll help you, what are you looking for? Yes it is nice to have the set, I never even knew there was a Mr.TPI until I saw a picture that someone posted here in the blowmold forum.
  11. OH MY GOODNESS....... It just occurred to me that I should have started this thread in the sharing or the showing off area OOPS! I am so sorry Carrie and if you can or need to move it please do. Thank you and I am so sorry if this has caused any problems it was an honest mistake and I will try and be more careful next time I start a thread. I do hope everyone is enjoying my bunnies first photo shoot and Thank you everyone for all the nice comment so far. Candee
  12. Hi Everyone! Here is a picture of my new Mr.TPI Bunny! Thanks fainpa aka Frank for selling it to me and giving me such a great price! I'd also like to Thank Matilda aka Angel for her part in helping me great him! He has finally found his true love Mrs.TPI which is standing next to him and is being displayed for the very first time! Also in the picture is my new Drainage bunny with the duck in/on his belly! and my new Drainage bunny stack! I need to Thank Tyler for the link to Miles Kimball because without that link I would not have the bunny w/ duck or the bunny stack so Thank you Tyler! This is my very first indoor Easter blowmold display!
  13. Hello Our names are Candee and Greg and we are also addicted to blowmolds! And proud of it!!
  14. You know speaking of baby bunnies.... I got my brand new bunnie with the duck on the belly from Miles Kimball today and my bunny stack should be here tomorrow and I have my nose pressed against the window watchin and waitin for my.... (Drum roll please) .... Mr TPI Bunny!!! The babies are getting here before the Mr. LoL!
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