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  1. I love the looks of the old c9s. I probably put up over 150 strands but outlets and extension cords become an issue. I switched to LED and now do all that with a couple cords and one outlet. I do have one tree I made with old school c9s and will probably not change that out. As far as LED bulbs for blow molds I just get warm white and I can’t tell a difference. My local Walmart has 40 watt 4 packs for 94 cents, that’s cheaper than incandescents.
  2. Whats the bad to switching to LED?
  3. I will probably be selling my stuff in the next couple years.
  4. I got some good deals on LEDs so Im changing out the rest of my bulbs and repairing some things. Probably start the first week of November..... I hope.
  5. I have been working on things but nothing up yet.
  6. There are only two minion blow molds the other two are stuffed.
  7. I believe they made three different ones. A Christmas tree, a candle and the one you pictured. Is the one you pictured for sale?????????????? I have the other two and am still looking for the santa. Those were more of a municipal decoration, probably from the 60s.
  8. Been to four different Walmart’s can’t find those trees.
  9. From the picture posted of it in the shopping cart it is not battery powered.
  10. How do they look when plugged in, does the paint look good?
  11. I haven't seen the dog yet, hoping I can find him.
  12. Im thinking they were 35 bucks.
  13. I like the dog and penguin.
  14. Those are the same numbers that are on the receipt. Strange they didn't come up when you tried.
  15. My local Lowes have four of each one.
  16. I was at my local Walmart and seen these.
  17. Does it look like the one in the picture on the first post of this thread?
  18. I would think steam might be a good option. Heat seems to always help things move easier and the steam wouldn't let it dry out .
  19. What blow mold are you wanting to repair? Just curious.
  20. A new box knife might work. Don't push to hard. You use a saw and you end up losing material because of the width of the blade and the seam wont line up perfectly, if you don't care about that then any kind of saw will work. A Dremel tool will work to, they have small cut off wheels for them that are pretty thin so you wouldn't lose so much material.
  21. That's not a regular blow mold. Not sure if heat would help, it could dry it out and cause it to crack.
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