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  1. I have, but most of the time Marry, Joseph and Jesus are hanging out in the manger which could offer some protection from the sun.
  2. Not sure if its been said yet, I have found that if you light up the mold when you paint it you can do a much better job. You should try to spray as much as possible, it usually looks like crap if you use a brush.
  3. They look real nice. What about redoing some of the old molds?
  4. Im looking to do a mega tree this year and was looking at the Holiday Coro site.
  5. Maybe I missed it but where is this display at? It’s amazing.
  6. We got a few inches of snow so I took a couple pics of the display.
  7. I use 1/2" or 3/4" it doesn't really matter. I put 2 coats of paint on it so it lasts longer, I just use cheap paint from Walmart. You can use a heat gun just watch you don't get it to hot, I use a halogen work light, seems to work pretty good.
  8. They don't weigh very much, I wouldn't think it would take much at all.
  9. Are you missing the motor or does it not work?
  10. I don't put anything in mine, it will most likely ruin the mold. I mount mine to a piece to painted plywood with a couple drywall screws and then set a couple bricks on the wood. No problems.
  11. The paint job looks like crap on those molds. Even the colors are horrible.
  12. Not done yet. As you can see from the pics the weather got pretty bad yesterday and today compared to what the holiday weekend was like. Here are a few pics I took a little bit ago because there is some snow on things, it might be the only time, so I took some pics. After they uploaded they are a little crappy, sorry.
  13. I like the colors. I think Empire versions are those colors.
  14. That's cool. Wonder why they changed the colors? I don't think poloron ever used those colors for the carolers.
  15. Remember in the movie, A Christmas Story, when the "old man" was gluing back together the leg lamp? That's going to be me.
  16. I tried to slide him over a bit and my hand went through him. Old brittle plastic, Im always careful but evidently not careful enough this time. When I have time I will try to use some super glue and doctor him up a bit. If that don't work it looks like I will have some spare parts for the other one.
  17. How tall are the penguins? They look small.
  18. Looks nice, I like the blow mold tree
  19. Do you have any pictures of the ornaments you made?
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