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  1. possibly looking for 50-100 boxes (100ct) depending on price
  2. ok, the time is near to start tearing down and storing stuff...We have already doubled our lights from 15000 to almost 30000 with the after Christmas sales...now comes the problem....what effects, if any, will there be if we store everything in the attic...it gets HOT during the Texas summer and COLD in the winter....I have access to a storage building but it isn't climate controlled...Do I need to invest in a climate controlled storeroom?? My house is spitting at the seams now with all the Halloween/Christmas stuff and with all the new leds/incands that are still in the box for next year, don't want to lose any of them due to hot/cold temperatures....
  3. If you can't find anything at the Sony website, I have a cd with it. That is the cameras we used to use in our police cars...
  4. 2'nd the motion gamer!! Looks good!! Shows once again...not how many ya got, how ya use them..
  5. I have seen some cool tree sequences this year trying to get ideas (1'st year) that is COOL!! Making notes now on what I need to put on my wish list for next year...that is on the list!! (dang list sure is getting kinda long already!!)
  6. First I would like to thank everyone here for all the information, help, and equipment to make this first year a success! After burning much midnight oil to figure out how to do stuff, several videos have been loaded to our website. My hat is off to everyone that has ever done anything like this because I know what it took to get everything here "sync'd" and looking 1/2 way good.. Shelly told me something that made me smile tonite and make it worthwhile..." I guess we will never again have "still" lights!!" Thanks again to everyone here and on several other sites for all the help this year....looking forward to next year already!! www.hughesholidays.com __________________ Honey, I was thinking, we need to put up some Christmas lights this year... WORK THOUGHTS: Don't run, you will just go to jail tired...
  7. I too have a similar situation...usually everyone on our street has lights out by now...myself included from last year had a whole 9 strands of blue c9s outlining the roof!!.....this year (1'st year with LOR 48 channels) several neighbors were saying why bother...Well we sat down and talked about this and we decided as a family (everyone knows everyone here) and decided to ask everyone on our street while we were telling them what we had planned for our display, if they wanted or needed any help with their lights for this year and told them we wanted everyone to lit up their lights also! It's not how fancy you get, but how you use what you have to relay your message! Most everyone said YES and started asking questions about how do you do that, what did it cost? (what price tag is a child's smile worth? is the standard answer) I am so glad I found out about this site and and all their knowledge of everyone! (thanks to everyone here and several others!) Now we have almost lit the whole street!!! Nothing like living on Easy street! (yes, that is the name of it...so I will wait for the laughing to die down!) but...we have some great neighbors around here and everyone loves the show and the rest of the houses...hopefully have sparked some interest in a couple of neighbors for next year to start looking here for ideas and starting their own show!! Thanks everyone!!
  8. also try TexasChristmaslights.com they have a map on the homepage
  9. What is the best way to use rope light to do "printed" letters? I have a 7' tall Texas that has Merry Christmas Yall in the middle. The letters are appx 8" tall. I have tried twice to do the letters in red (wal mart rope light) and twice, I have had lights go out in my red rope light..I don't think I can cut this stuff and splice it back(cant find any "where to cut" markings on it) Do you need to have the lights on or off while doing it....there has to be a secret to doing this that I haven't found yet..there is way too many people out there with great looking stuff using rope lights! Thanks for any/all info S Hughes
  10. This looks like something I could probably use!! BUT...is there anyway to change the snowman to say...snoopy? or something else....as long as the clock parts stay in the same place???
  11. already got the list going..emailed the wife....got a longer list now!!
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