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  1. www.ebay.com/itm/261358959292?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  2. Where in the mid-Atlantic region do you live? As a Virginia native and resident, I know all too well about the extreme temps! I store most of mine in a temperature controlled storage unit. However, Halloween is stored in my attic and they do just fine up there. No problems or issues caused because of the extreme heat of the DC summers. They'll be just fine. I have a friend in Florida who stores his entire collection in the attic, and they are fine too. I mean, if you are able to keep them in a climate controlled place... that would be the best, but it's nearly impossible as the size of th
  3. Since General Foam just discontinued making most of them within the last couple of years, I venture to say no, they will be out of production for at least a while.
  4. Beco/General Foam. And yes, those are the correct pieces to the set.
  5. LOL, Brad...... As a resident of the area you are coming to, no you won't be finding any molds in stores here. Well, other than the normal nativity and penguin at Kmart. The ACE Hardware in Centerville might have a couple molds in, but I haven't looked over there in a few years (never had anything I wanted). If they do, it'll be one or two common items.
  6. Thank you for posting the pictures, Bill.
  7. I've got a poor photo of me transporting the GF life-size wisemen, 3 camels, and the shepherd in a Kia Sorento...
  8. They look great, Mel! I've been trying to find that set (have Mary and Joseph now) for a while! Congrats!
  9. I have a few photos I can send in in the next couple of days (I fixed the potential issue ). I have more (mostly General Foam stuff, but a mix for sure) that just aren't convenient to haul home right now.
  10. I believe that you were the one who got me started on the bags. I used to have to make mine to fit the larger molds before I went to the drum liners. It's definitely worth the time that it takes to put bag them. Better condition and can carry a lot more a one time
  11. I'd say pretty much as organized as it's going to get. Most of my 200 are in there.
  12. I don't know when Andrew will be back on to answer, so I will for him. The store is in central Florida.. Tampa, more specifically.
  13. Here are the other pictures.
  14. Can you post a picture of the 3 new molds (santa, angel, snowman) that is not the rendering of them from the catalog? Thanks!
  15. Mel, TPI did make a matching cow.
  16. The wisemen haven't had jewels since 2009.
  17. +1 Actually, I would love to know who's been talking about us behind our backs? It's not very Christian to slander someone or to listen to someone else slander. Shouldn't you form your own opinions on people rather than join a forum where a bad picture was already painted in your mind? If this place is as really as evil you make it out to be then what's the point of being here? You have prejudged everyone beore you joined and you are judging us more now. That's not very Christian, either.
  18. All of us have a problem. We hoard painted hunks of plastic. The display looks nice, Jim!
  19. Disapointed in the Linus Halloween. I'll get one, but it's breaking my no more Halloween molds thing. gah! There's a bunch of molds that no longer appear in the catalog, which also is disheartening, but what can you do.. the search begins! What I see off the top of my head, the promo carolers, SB santa, SB snowman, SB nativity, brown teddy bear, brown cub, SB candle,victorian carolers, and the scary candles aren't in there anymore..
  20. General Foam bought the Empire molds about a decade ago
  21. go to photobucket and post them that way
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