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  1. am in desparate need of 2 of these if anyone has any
  2. Does anyone remember these http://www.snowflakesinmotion.com/inaction.html I had 2 blow off the house tonight and get run over by a car and am desparate to replace them. If anyone has any to spare, please let me know. Mike
  3. Same here, nothing broke, but my mini trees have been buried under the 30 inches of snow we got.
  4. If you can still find them, Lowes has 50ct GE LED strings, Cool White and Multi at $3.33 each. Some Lowes are accepting the coupons on multiple purchases, netting a price of .33.
  5. Not sure what it is, but the lights of winter archway's last show was in 2008, they were discontinued last year and never put up. Maybe it's coming back this year.
  6. I am looking for abuot 16 boxes of 100 ct green minis if anyone has any at a reasonable price. Lowes by me is only carrying red, clear and multi this year it looks like.
  7. Tie them to the hoop, run them up, back down, then to the center pole, where I am keeping the controller, eliminates the need for any extension cords
  8. I had some walmart 100 ct minis that I just used to test my tree (same dimensions as the plans provided). Thy fit nice, up and back down. I think each strand is about 25'. Had one strand per channel, looks like I willbe getting another 16 sets to make it 3 strands per channel.
  9. Getting the bottom and mid parts to mate after they were each put together separately was hard as they were not completely straight to start with and did not align properly, but a sledgehammer helped with that. After that I learned to make any connections line up properly before gluing. Everything else went great. Still have to take it outside and assemble it to see how it looks, only have 7 foot ceilings in the basement.
  10. Thanks Glen My Tree is done, just need to get the lights. I plan on 1 color (well maybe 2) this year, 8 channels
  11. One more question, the 3" PCV Collar, is that the same as a Coupling?
  12. My lowes had some slip tees, but not the ones I needed.
  13. I purchased most of the parts to build this tree for my display this year. (Still need to get the 10' pieces, won't fit in my car). I was planning on 8 channels, 1 color for this year (green), how many light strings would anyone suggest for each channel? Would 100 ct walmart strands be the right length (hate to have to pull them out to see how long they are....) Thanks for any help. Mike
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