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  1. I've noticed how the wall wash effect enhances the display. What are your recommendations for LED standard base, 110v, Flood and Spot bulbs for use with LOR1602W equipment? Some bulbs listed on vendor sites note "not dimmable". Others are low voltage, or DC, etx.
  2. In the 4th photo in your first post I believe I can see 4 pieces of zip-cord. Were you able to fit 7 circuits of zip-cord under the sleeve to be able to run all circuits to end of the arch?
  3. Do the veterans have a preferred pattern to assign channels for mega tree and mini tree sequencing? ie. Let's say for a 12 segment, with 3 colors/segment layout: Do you use all "white" on Controller #X, Channels 1,2,3, ... 11,12. then "red" on Controller #X, Channels 13,14,15,16, etc? or Do you use "white" (X-1), "red" (X-2), "green" (X-3). "white" (X-4), "red" (X-5), "green" (X-6), etc? Which arrangement do you feel is easier to sequence?
  4. Anthony, Like your mega tree items in the thumbnails. Would you please forward the PPT that you mention is available. Thanks, Broken Arrow [email protected]

  5. Any experience with HLLY? It covers the entire band.
  6. Late in discovering the 2009 OK-Mini ... but unable to be there. Being a newbie to the craft, I'm sure the gathering and demonstrations would have given me some great ideas and resources. Did you give consideration for a time and place for 2010 ???
  7. Really thinking of a half circle only, with no lites on back side.
  8. Have seen some video of mega trees that seem to be only 180 degree (half circle) rather than a full 360 deg. Besides using potentially lfewer channels, what might be some of the pro's and con's that others might have considered?
  9. What is the most effective way to sequence a leaping arch? 1.) Full on/off, 2.) ramp up to full on, then off, 3.) ramp up to full on, then ramp down to off, etc. Any hints?
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