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  1. Hey Brian, are you still offering a discount code for us members?
  2. I now have 32 strings of orange led/incans (1/2 and 1/2 as all I can afford right now). I wished they either made led in 30ft lengths or 10ft lengths so that I could reach the top. No real sequence on it yet just a rough one turning on and off and a random chase.
  3. Thanks folks! I have 4 sets of orange LEDs on it now for measurements on rings so that I can make a weber tree. Will post pics when its finished.
  4. Wife wants to decorate now (inside our home) but I am gonna wait until at least Oct 1st for the outside "stuff".
  5. I just placed my order today and already have a tracking number, many thanks Brian!! And yes, the code still works!
  6. I am sorry I could have answered that, I was thinking he was asking wattage not voltage. I need to read more carefully..
  7. Didn't really want to dig up this older thread but the discount code is still good. PC2009
  8. My light ring that I added to my setup, all I need to do now to complete it is to weld a square tubing to the front side of the transport to hold a star, flag pole or an extention. Here is a pic of the ring added.
  9. SWEET! I will try it later today. Need to figure out what lights I need since I changed everything this year.
  10. Find an old satellite dish in someone's yard that is just sitting there unused, offer to take it off their hands, cut it in two and it will look like half is in the house.
  11. Hey Brian, are you gonna offer another PC coupon code this year as I am needing some light? Just asking..
  12. Permanent structure which will also be a flag holder, halloween megatree, and an Easter Cross. I may even add a 18 foot pole to this and make it a 48 foot Megatree. Right now this is a 48 strand, 3 color tree. I know that I need to double those but I am adding a 450 foot fence to my display this year and that will be all the lights that I can afford.
  13. RGB... last year I converted over to all LEDs, this year new 30ft Megatree. I live pretty far from the main road, so I have to either go big or go home I will spread out my display this year and will have to come up with more lights. I had NO intentions of changing my display from last year, yeah right that happened.. $$$ is the determining factor on where I will go from here, as I just became a grandpa for the first time and that little girl gets most of my extra money now... Everything is if the Lord is willing and I am able..
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