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    I'm not one to geek out at anything or anyone. But when we went to Cleveland and visited The Christmas Story House, well, I was just totally geek central. SO much fun!
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    A little lady in her late 40's, making up for a childhood where my parents wouldn't let me decorate the way I wanted to. Now it's my house and my rules. I've been told that I have the best Halloween and Christmas decorations on the block.
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    Travel, surfing the 'net, singing.
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    Sell my husband's crap on eBay ;-)
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    A light-up sleigh, originally pulled by eight light-up, animated flamingos. Last year I added a "Rudolph Flamingo" too. Surrounded by more and more light-up snowmen, string lights and icicle lights every year.

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  1. Thank-you to everyone who made suggestions on the Santa legs, as well as to Judy Pancoast, who made the MOST apropos song EVER!
  2. Joe says thank-you, as do I. At least he has a few leads this way. I told him that as long as the tree is lit by our holiday party on the 19th, I won't be disappointed. Sure wish they still sold them...
  3. Thank-you so much! However my husband Joe has a question: "We have a Light Keeper Pro (or an equivalent thereof). When I have the plug in the wall in one way, half of the lights that are out are marked as having power. When I flip the plug 180 degrees, the other half that are out are marked as having power. Is this correct? (I know the Light Keeper Pro works on polarity). And then how do I check to see which one is out? The lights are VERY twisted within the structure of the tree and I don't know how to check to see where the broken connection is, since half of the lights are always out, de
  4. At the end of the 2006 season, I bought a set of 2 palm trees from Michael's Arts & Crafts - one is 6' tall and one is about 3' tall. I tried to find a picture of them on the net, but no dice. However the 2nd picture in my YouTube video shows them pretty well: At the beginning of the 2007 season, a wind blew down the taller tree because I didn't have it tied down well enough. Several bulbs broke but as far as I know, all of them were replaced. However a good half of the tree still wouldn't light. My MIL has the patience of a saint and went through every strand over the course of a
  5. If you're willing to spend some bucks, some friends of mine recommended http://www.balsamhill.com/ about 2 years ago. They have a tree from them and it's GORGEOUS. But again, not cheap.
  6. Cool beans. OK maybe I won't be quite the completist, if going with Lemax will be that much cheaper. Thanks so much for the recommendations!
  7. Cool beans, thanks! Of course with postage the way it is, eBay may not be such a bargain, but at least knowing that it COULD be will get me to start looking there more. Thank-you!
  8. Welp, that's a good start. Thanks for the advice! Anyone else? What about eBay? Anyone know if prices for stuff (remember, I mean trees, fences, etc - not buildings) tend to go higher, lower or about the same?
  9. I started collecting the "A Christmas Story" Dept. 56 series last year (best Christmas movie EVER!). It's my first and only Dept. 56 set, and right now all I have are buildings and accessory pieces - no snow, no trees, no bushes, no benches, no streets...you get the picture. I know I could go to any place that sells Dept. 56 "stuff" and spend a fortune on enough material to cover the space of about a dozen buildings and 2 dozen or so accessory pieces - IS there anywhere, either in chain stores or online, where I can get the stuff cheaper? I tend to run "obsessive completist" flavor and ther
  10. I'm not a huge fan of the styrofoam tombstones - here in Central FL, temperatures in October are still in the high 80's and they just don't seem to last more than a season or two. The plastic ones they sell at Michael's are good - the stakes tend to break more often than the grave markers themselves falling apart. Not nearly as much of a selection for the plastic ones, though, at least not for the ones that are more than 9" tall.
  11. Glad I could help! Also glad hubby never got wind of that set or I'm sure we'd be making room for it, LOL! Good luck in finding what you're looking for!
  12. Littlebit

    hi new here

    Oh YAY I'm not the NEWEST newbie anymore! Welcome a-board!
  13. If it's any help, I did fine pictures on the 'net (they're about 2/3 down the page of the link). Still searching for places who actually sell them. I saw one message that mentioned seeing them on eBay for $600 for a set of 3, if that's any help. Still searching for any more info. http://www.jkrs-army.com/members-treasures/index.htm
  14. VERY cool! Beautiful too! I would start our indoor Christmas decorating now, except (A) my husband would probably kill me and ( we're doing Thanksgiving at our house this year and with 15 +/- expected people, we need the space for guests. But come November 28th....
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