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    Not a lot to say right now. Would just like to meet some people here in the forums, and pick up a few tips.
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    Been adding a few more lights each year. Just picked up an LOR for this year. Can't wait to see how my display turns out this season!

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  1. Can't wait to see everyone next weekend! Looks like we've got some new folks joining us this year. Got the list of goodies being sent to us from our good friends at Reinders. Once again, they're taking very good care of us, with lots of new toys to show off and some awesome door prizes to give away. Mikey's smoked TriTip is sure to be a hit. For those of you waiting until the last minute to RSVP . . . YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!! See you all next week.
  2. Less than 3 weeks to go until our Central Coast get-together! If you're waiting until the last minute to RSVP . . . THIS IS IT!!! Mikey has a lot to plan for, food, tables and chairs, etc. So let's get those RSVP's in ASAP! Drop a line to Mikey Magrill (OurMikeyRocks - see above) or to yours truly, DocMartin at [email protected] See you in a couple weeks!
  3. Hey Ben, Check-in with Mike Magrill about stuff to bring. Personally, I think it's about time we hear from you as a presenter, you always have such cool stuff in your videos. Looking forward to hearing what you have planned for this year.
  4. Hey Barry! Do I owe you an apology for last year? Really sorry if you didn't get all the time you wanted. Please don't let my screw-up keep you from joining us. Wouldn't be the same without you there! Hope we can change your mind.
  5. SHAWN! So glad you're gonna make it this year. Check with Mike Magrill on what you can bring. I know Jim Hillebrecht is bringing a bunch of water, but some other drinks might be nice! Looking forward to seeing you again.
  6. Hey Ben! So glad you're going to make it again. Should be another epic Central Coast gathering. Make sure you bring your 2012 videos with you. Can't wait to see what you came up with last year. See you in a few weeks . . . keep spreading the word!
  7. That's right Christmas Light Fans . . . We're doing it again! Mark your calendars now, and make plans to join us on Saturday, August 10th, 2013, for the biggest, brightest and best Christmas Light get-together in California. This year will be hosted by Mikey Magrill in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley near Solvang. We expect lots of great stuff to show off, good food, new friends and some fun toys to give away. Just make sure you RSVP to [email protected] Hope to see you there!
  8. Greetings Everyone We ABSOLUTELY will be holding our annual Central Coast Get Together again this year. Mickey Magrill has offered to host it this time around and currently we are planning for August 10th, but its not set in stone just yet. We should have the venue booked within the next week or so. We'll be having it just down the road from Morro Bay in beautiful Solvang this year. Watch this space for details soon. I'll also be sending out invites so if your email address has changed or if you're new to the forums, drop me a line with your email address. I'll make sure to add you to our invite list. See you soon!
  9. Hey Joe, If you find that you REALLY want the joints re-welded. Just drop off the cages at a machine shop in your area. It's usually super cheap especially if you let them know what the cages are for. My guy here in Morro Bay works for beer. It only takes them a few seconds . . . literally!
  10. Thanks for the kind words Ben. Glad you had a great time. We had a lot of fun putting it all together this year. Personally, I think it will be difficult to top this one. A HUGE thanks to Mike Z and Matt Monge for their amazing presentations and others who shared their cool gear during our Show&Tell. I also have to say THANK YOU to Laurie Reinder, Fred Blanton, Lori's Lighted D'Lites, and Nick Palmer for their insanely generous contributions. And finally a big thanks to everyone who attended making it such a memorable event, you guys are the BEST, and I hope everyone was inspired, and given some fresh ideas to make the holidays brighter than ever!
  11. NO Anchovies Please!!! Just a reminder for those arriving on Friday. We will be meeting for a pizza party at Woodstocks Pizza in San Luis Obispo at 6PM. We have a reserved room, just tell them you're looking for the Christmas Lights People. Woodstocks is on the corner of Higuera St. and Osos St in SLO. I highly recommend the Carnivore or the Bomb on their amazing whole wheat crust. Watch out for those ONE WAY streets! Hope to see you there! Dr. M
  12. Central Coast MiniPLUS Saturday, August 11th, 2012 Morro Bay, CA Greetings Everyone! We're really getting down to the wire here. Just one week to go until our 4th Annual Central Coast MiniPLUS. You don't want to miss this one, I guarantee it! Besides the incredible presentations, the fabulous door prizes from our generous friends at Reinders, a private screening of the new, award-winning short documentary "Mr. Chrismas", and our delicious tri-tip lunch along with your awesome sides for the potluck, there's still another surprise . . . My favorite part of last year's get together, without question, was the "Show and Tell." You loved it as a Kindergartener, but you're so much better at it as a grown-up. Plus, you've got WAY cooler stuff to show off. So time to pull out whatever awesomeness you came up with last year, or try to put a few finishing touches on whatever plans you have for 2012. You can bring a video of your display* (we'll provide the projector). Was your display an award winner in your town? Maybe it was a melt-down and you've got advice to help us avoid your problems (I hope not, but hey, it happens!) Is your project too big to bring, or you haven't quite figured out how to pull it all together? No problem, we just want to hear about it, and maybe someone will have some great ideas for you to help make your holiday vision come to reality this year! Still room for you late-comers, just send an RSVP to [email protected] We would love to have you join us next Saturday in beautiful Morro Bay. And especially for those who have previously sent in your RSVP, would you kindly send me a quick note to let me know how many will be in your party. I know many of you are bringing family and friends and significant others, I just need to make sure I get the headcount right for food. Thanks. See you all next week. Dr. M * OK, YES, we absolutely want to see your display, but not ALL 45 minutes of it! If you're planning to bring a video, please show us your best 5 to 10 minutes, or we'll never get through everyone's shows. Also, please note that there is very limited internet service so don't assume you can show it from YouTube or Vimeo. Have an original video file or DVD if possible.
  13. 4th Annual Central Coast MiniPLUS Saturday, August 11th in Morro Bay Greetings Everyone, We're just 2 short weeks away from our 4th Annual Central Coast MiniPLUS, taking place in beautiful Morro Bay on Saturday, August 11th, and this one is shaping up to be bigger and better than the first 3 combined! For those of you who plan to attend but haven't sent in an RSVP . . . WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? And those of you still on the fence about coming, I've got another reason for you to make it out here to the coast for the weekend, and I'm really excited about it. There is a brand new short documentary making rounds at various Film Festivals, called "Mr. Christmas." It just premiered at the Aspen Shortfest Film Festival where it won the Special Jury Award. It also won the Audience Award at the Palm Springs International Shortfest just a few weeks ago. It will be showing in Rhode Island in a couple weeks and then in Nevada City. But you won't have to drive that far to see it. I've been in contact with Nick Palmer, the Director of the film, and he has kindly authorized and agreed to a private screening for us at our event! How cool is that? You can check out the details of the film here http://www.mrchristmasmovie.com Wow, amazing presentations from some of the best decorators around, awesome new toys to show off from our good friends at Reinders, fabulous door prizes, great food, good company, and now this. It's just one more of many reasons to join us next month. But you MUST RSVP to [email protected] It's going to be a blast. Hope you can make it.
  14. Wow! Just 3 Weeks to Go! The countdown has begun, and if you've been holding off on that RSVP . . . NOW would be a good time! Got the list of goodies we get to give away from our friends at Reinders. I am in awe of their generosity. We've got some really great items to share. Also, we've had a few requests to do a Buy, Sell and Trade thing, so if you've got something to sell or swap, be sure to bring it along and we'll try to hook up buyers and sellers after the event. Can't wait to see everyone there, this is going to be EPIC! RSVP to [email protected]
  15. Even though the Central Coast Mini is on Saturday, August 11th, the festivities will begin on the Friday evening before! For those who are traveling and plan to arrive on Friday, we're going to get together at Woodstocks Pizza in San Luis Obispo, at about 6:00ish for some good times and insanely great pizza. On Saturday, unofficially, I will likely be on site by 9AM and I plan for us to have a meet and greet starting at about 10:30. We'll start the presentations at 11:00. That's the current plan, and is subject to change, but I'm going with it for now. LESS THAN 4 WEEKS TO GO!!!
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