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  1. I had this problem years back and started putting down deer/animal repellent last year and did the trick and has worked well so far this year. I got it at Ace Hardware.
  2. Hey everyone I will be in Chicago for Christmas and really want to check out some great displays. Anyone know of some good displays within like an hours drive of Downers Grove or Naperville? My family really wants me to show them a display like I have in Omaha.
  3. So the worst thing possible happen today while I was setting up. I ran out of SPT cord. I have 2 spools and they are gone... Luckily I emailed Paul and he is going to overnight me a box in the morning, needed like another 800'. I thought I was going to come close but not almost another spool worth... Guess I will have to double my order for next year...lol
  4. Does anyone know if these will fit the wire that CDI sells, I have always bought my plugs and wire from them but this is a great price.
  5. I was like you and last year I started collecting for Make-A-Wish and was on the fence about it. I had $54 collected last year and to date we are at $80 for this year. I am on a local radio stations tour of lights they do and saw 3 limo's during the holiday weekend stop and watch, but still the best night we had was the 23rd and it was $30. I like some of your idea's. I actually have tried to get the news stations to do a story but no one is interested in it...
  6. Im with you guys, everything is under atleast 2' of snow. But the wind has sure done a number on my Mega tree, probably lost a third of the strings from wind damage.
  7. I did this last year and now it wont let me do it again this year????????
  8. I would be interested in the Frankenstein, bats and ghosts if you could bring them to the Chicago Mini possibly.
  9. My toy soldiers are baried in 3' of snow I am hoping I will be able to take everything down before April. Normally we have a January thaw but with this much snow I dont think that will help.
  10. It must be nice to see those "cold" temps, we just finish a week straight run at record lows. And I dont mean like 5 degrees or even -5, we were -20 for 4 of the last 10 days. We had 2 days where the highs did not get above -2. And I am not even talking about wind chill, if you want to talk about the wind chill then you are looking more like 45-50 below zero. O and I forgot to mention the 32" of snow and the 6-12' drifts throught town. I actually love winter, so bring it on.
  11. One thing that might of happened was he works or know someone who works at a Walmart distribution center, those pallets looks like they are still case packs from the manufacturer. I have heard companies with excess merchandise in their DC's selling it to employees or auction houses to save from sending them to stores to be sold at deep discounts. My company had to do this 2 years ago because we had 50 containers of items for the black friday sale got stuck on a ship that was 2 months late and did not arrive until christmas, they did not even unload the containers into the network they stayed at the DC's and if anyone was interested they could pay the cost for the entire container otherwise it was sold to an auction house.
  12. I would be willing to come from Nebraska if the timing worked out. I also am planning on attending the Chicagoland mini.
  13. That is an awesome box, I just finished mine and now I am jealous, If it wonders off its not in Nebraska...hehehehe
  14. We got 2" last night and are set to get another 10-15" tonight into tomorrow. I wish we had 4 ". HAHA
  15. That is what I had thought about doing but I dont want to be picking up rabbits
  16. That is what I was afraid of, I just wasnt sure what would keep them away.
  17. Any Ideas how to keep animals from eating the wires on my mega tree lights??? I have had 3 of my red light sets ruined because the wires are being eaten.
  18. I did that last year, but this year we have had strong winds and chilly temps, but October was sure nice. O well
  19. So our power company announced yesterday that they will be requesting a 4.9% rate increase for next year. There reasoning was because of lower consumption largely due to many residents going green. So why are we all trying to saving money with LED's and florescent bulbs? If this passes this will be the second rate increase in the last 3 years because of lower usage.
  20. So I started putting up lights last week and today I went to the doctor and she told me I have H1N1, I already felt behind and now I will be restricted to the couch or bed for the next 3-4 days. EEkkkkkk
  21. Im with everyone else, no cords. Just a card saying we are a horrible company and we are sorry for the inconvenience.
  22. Wow so you have a second house just to store all your blowmolds I take it.
  23. I was 15 and Had to buy my own and pay my own bill. My parents then gave my brother one when he was 17. I think middle school is a little early to have one, especially since they are not allowed in schools.
  24. They started that last year and I really dont like it. But I live in their home state and they are doing a halloween show tommorrow night which will be broadcast on NBC on 10/25 and I have tickets. Should be a great show.
  25. I also am taking donations for Make a Wish, it is my first year and I am curious how receptive it will be. Sounds like a great plan for your initial lighting
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