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  1. If the soil is frozen and you want to get a round object in, do what I do: 1. Get or borrow a 1/2" drill. You'll need an extension cord (I'm guessing you have those, if you're posting here.) 2. Put a spade bit in it that's slightly smaller than the rebar/stake you want to put in the ground. 3. Drill a hole as deep as you can. At this point you'll likely have gotten deep enough that you're past the frozen-solid soil and can hammer your stake/rebar/whatever into the ground. Best of luck.
  2. Hi there...I wandered in from the Blowmold forum to ask a question about a particular type of icicle lights. I've been searching online trying to find a reliable source for multi-color icicle lights that have no more than about 3 feet of lighted length. The drops form an arch shape. They typically seem to come in sets of 50 or 70 lights. They seem to be quite expensive, unfortunately - averaging about $9-10 a strand. The question: Does anyone have a reliable source for these sorts of lights, preferably not at $10 a string? Thanks!
  3. Saw this for sale. Anyone know anything about it - age, manufacturer, etc.? - Jason
  4. That is correct. The blue paint is the same kinda slapdash quality, too. I still like 'em though.
  5. It was an admittedly odd color choice on NOMA's part.
  6. Mel, I have a set of these, and the tops are all-red on them as well.
  7. They look great. That said, I believe the evergreen boughs were actually originally blue. I have a pair that have that color, anyway.
  8. Just got my Victorian Carolers yesterday. $80 w/ free shipping. Can't hardly beat it.
  9. Thanks for the support guys. I like to think I'm a nice guy but I hate being taken advantage of. Another data point on this individual's character - doing some Googling on the phone number I have for her, turns out she's got numerous complaints from people who've bought puppies from her, stating that she misrepresented the breed they were, that they were in terrible shape. So she's allegedly running a backyard puppy mill too. Nice.
  10. That noise you heard was my eyes falling clean out my head.
  11. This is not really a positive post, which I hope is okay. It's a warning and vent of sorts. Wayyy back in May, I answered an ad on Craigslist (placed on both the Des Moines and Omaha sites) asking for blowmolds. I had quite a few I was looking to sell. The lady who posted the ad said she was a collector in Southeast Iowa, looking to enlarge her Christmas display. Her hubby was recovering from some medical issues and she didn't have much to spend on molds, but really wanted to enlarge her display. The summer got away from me, and I got busy, so by the time we got something put toget
  12. I've seen Garden Ridge's Halloween molds mentioned a couple times here, but no photos or lists. Anyone got a run-down on what they have?
  13. If you have a Menards near you, you might try there. They often have more unusual stuff like that.
  14. Nice, innit? I picked up a Goofy myself last year and couldn't have been happier. Now all's I need is a Taz...
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