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  1. I would love to see how these are constructed. Could you please post some pictures??
  2. Yeah Joe, sure. How about we pay attention to the original post.
  3. Take 3 - 4 " screws and go right into the roof. Putting any kind of weights up there is looking for trouble when they come flying down. I have used the screws for many years and no they don't create leaks. Use some silicone chaulk when done and it lasts forever. The chaulk will outlast the roof. I use white chaulk on a black roof - there is no way you can see this from the street and I have a ranch. Then I use the same holes next year.
  4. Instead of attaching the motor to whatever housing you are using, allow for a little play by using rubber bushings or the like. Most all of my project will allow the motor to give a little. I do not have any inline fuses (In my opinion there is no value added). If the wind presents a problem the motor will simply hesitate for a seconds.
  5. Larry, just an FYI, the amperage should not be an issue.
  6. Wow, this is an old post from LOR!
  7. sounds like a lot of weight. I would believe you need to set up a pulley system for this. depending on the track they will ride in, a wiper motor may not be enough. Shoot me a PM.
  8. mmmmm you may be wrong there, but I willing to see how you make out with that test!
  9. Malibu lights are pretty much always DC voltage. Never seen AC ones.
  10. most lights are 12vDC. Use an old PC supply - which you can probably find for free.
  11. wiper motor and an AR2 (model train) unit
  12. Here is the link to the DYIC group buy page. http://doityourselfchristmas.com/forums/showthread.php?16456-FAST-Ren48LSD-Ren4Flood-DIYC-Flood-Offsite-Group-Buy
  13. don't use the gutter at all. Use the alum flashing below the gutter. Use binder clips to attach to the flashing.
  14. What happens when you want to move it to another part of the yard? I slip the pipe over a fence post, 3 or four guys - done. I've also had strong winds and there was no problems. Just feel the cement is a bit of over engineering. But, that's me.
  15. Bill, You may not even need to use zips. Ever try and untangle mini's? They seem to cling to each other. I only know what happened for mine. I had only had a 10' high center pole w/ a radius of about 5' I think. The tree was only 8 channels - 8 strings of lights doubled up. I just threw it up last minute - had channels left over. Anyway, I did not have any problem with sagging. I had 3 guys that supported the center pole and then the support wires coming down off the header into stakes. The element isnt' all that tall so the supports stayed taught. Build one in the back yard this weekend and see who it comes out!
  16. Bill. 10 foot tree, I only used 8 lines (not the guys) from header to base. The wire was small baling wire attached to the ground with stakes. Minimal amount of ties to hold the lights in place - they seem to hold their own. With only the 8 wires the tree still had a nice look to it. I don't feel the need to over engineer things.
  17. Lock-Tight is not perm at all, just reduces the chance of backing off. As for the the use of a cotter pin or set screw - nice idea, but the bolts would have to be of a good size for that.
  18. yes, there are time when the movment will back off the nut. I will at times use a lock nut or simply dap some hot glue or tape the threads. Running reverse polarity is not an issue, but I know what you mean about the extra noise.
  19. you can make it go back and forth with a cam. Why would you need an H bridge??
  20. Lots of cut outs, some are animated. I first put a primer on - 2 coats, sand. Apply a good chaulk to all the edges to seal them preventing water to wick into the plywood. Then I use acrylic paints you find at AC Moore / Michales. This gives me a wide aray of colors to choose from. A typicial 1.5oz bottle will go a long way. Then 2 coats of Minwax Poly - Satin - light sand between coats.
  21. Yes, there are three (actually a few more) voltages coming out. 12v is Yellow wire, 5v = red and 3v = orange. Then there are several other colors such as purple which I beleve is -12v. Plenty of amps.
  22. I use salvaged computer power supplies. = FREE!
  23. No gears, no PWM. KISS! (keep it simple stupid) For me this has worked well for the props I have made. Reducing the voltage will reduce some the tourque, but again, have had no issues with that presently.
  24. Most always. Running at 12vdc is just too fast for most of my props, so I simply use 5vdc or 3vdc. All the motors run off of computer power supplies. I have a few scattered throughout the yard as 'power plants'.
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