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  1. Minwax Ploy. Water based, easy to use, satin finish does not yellow. My preference.
  2. Not sure where he cut corners other than intalling a 15a outlet. Alan had, from what I read, 2 20a circuts. Shared neutral is not a cost savings, but does cut down on the bulk of wire. (OK, maybe a few pennies)
  3. Can only help with one part of your questiion(s). I tested the shower curtain and worked out well.
  4. So long as the load is balanced, that is close to the same draw on each leg, you should be OK. 3 wire set ups are normal. Now, with that said, I'm not sure how they work w/ GFI's but I would imagine it would be good.
  5. But th wire in bulk, take a dollar siv foot cord, cut, splice with the length of wore from the spool. Now you have a custom cord a few cents less than buying vampire plugs. I solder and tape / shrink my splices.
  6. John, There has been a lot of banter about last year's show. Personally I don't see an issue with it. People loved it last year, they'll love it again. For those struggling, just remember KISS and go back to the baby steps instead to the large leaps.
  7. Curb finds, garage sales, flea markets, asking people for old lights. All these things help reduce the overall costs. DYI items also help. I have no idea my total investment, but I do know it's a less than what is should be -- I'm cheap!
  8. Since you still hae the option, I would run all 20a circuts. With this, you will be able to be certain you have enough 'juice' for whatever lies ahead.
  9. For mini lihgts? I make many, many splices. Typically just solder the wires and tape or shrink tube.
  10. Thanks for all the compliments. And tanks to Scot for digging it up again! No comment, Ed....
  11. Sounds to me like you will be pulling 20a on the 16g which is only rated at about 10a. (if using one conductor) Not a good idea... Although, if you NEVER will have all the circuts on at the same time, well may work. But I'm sure I'll get repramanded for that statement.
  12. Daniel, Can you give a few more details or perhaps a picture?
  13. Have two myself, thinking around 10yrs now, maybe less... I had them on the corners of the property up until last year.
  14. Pick them up from the local junk yard, run about $10. Computer power supplies @ 5vdc.
  15. That's a neat idea. I believe Water Bill does his the same way. Joe, looking at that tree, the first thing that comes to mind is that you are going to need A LOT of lights.
  16. What would you do if there comes a time to replace a LED or resistor?
  17. That's what I like about you Bill, always looking out for me! Thanks for pointing out my oversight.
  18. Sounds like a lot more work than shingle clips. Just my 2 cents.
  19. Bill, You have too many props. I think it is confusing to your audience. You need to send some of them up here to me. You can PM me for details and an address. Please don't hesitate to send the Santa in the shack. Thanks in advance from my audience!
  20. Winfield patterns are great. Printed on heavy paper and great detail. They also provide suggested colors for painting your project. The paint colors are usually Folk Art paint (or like mfg). I use these as a guide, but typically use colors I have on hand. If you're just starting, these will be a good place to begin.
  21. Here's a picture of my set up with 2, 3 pole contacts fed by an Intermatic timer (which is a 2 pole). With this I have 8 20a circuts available. I was lucky enough to find the contact at a flee market for $15 ea. new.
  22. talked about this same thing recently. My take - I don't believe most people will recall the whole show. Adding some new static items, or cutouts or move things around this year, Jim. No reason to stress. That will come when you have a channel go out mid season.
  23. You will more that likely have to water it down a bit.
  24. Test it out now while you still have some time. Roof lines differ, may work for you. Post pics!
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