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  1. that's the link I was looking for....
  2. Tony, Check the LOR website. There is a site that has some sequences you can download. Hopefully some will chime in with the link (I cna't find the actual link now)
  3. You can also to tree truck wraps. Always want to try that...never got to it.
  4. Laura, Sorry, I meant the height measurments.... You might try 22.5 dergees.
  5. Mike, I don't believe search will work with only three letters.
  6. Winfield Collections project. They should be in the catalog. Not sure of the angle. I thought about making some myself, never got around to it...
  7. I don't have any, but I've read where some use a toilet flang on the bottom secured to wood. Drill some holes in the wood and drive stakes in the ground. That will secure the bottom. then guy the top. The conduit suggestion is also a great way!
  8. Poly has always seemed to yellow on me with age, that's why I use the Minwax. Mike, as for the gloss paint, don't you fine that the cut out will have a glare from the lighting source? This is a reason I use satin finish. A fine tooth blade is a must as noted above. I will also round the edges slightly.
  9. I wish Chris had twig lights in birch tree twigs.
  10. You can buy the color bulbs at HD or Lowes or if you already have clear, use stained glass paint (found at AC Moores or Michales) and paint them. May need several coats. As for the trees, are these typical Malibu landscape lights? If so, I've used cellophane in red and green as a lens. Cut a small section - I double it - large enough to cover the housing and just use a rubber band to hold in place. Works well.
  11. Do you have any that look like a birch tree? These look more like a Dogwood....
  12. Frank, Isn't true you had Santa Baby in your show back before you had an FM transmitter and used to open the window and sing the songs yourself??
  13. Frank, Great work! I may have to cross the bridge myself.
  14. #2 Use transfer paper. I never mess with my patterns. I use the transfer paper and outline the outer edge of the pattern, cut out, prime and then trace the inside of the pattern. #1 shading is key to a great looking cut out. Use a shade of paint slightly darker (for lighter base) lighter for darker base. I use an angle brush. Remember this will be seen from a distance not on the wall of your living room, so you can be a little liberal with mistakes. Put some paint on a pad. ( I use a piece of cardboard covered w/ wax paper). Dip the wider angle of the brush and drag thru the paint - the wider end of the brush will have paint, the small end of the brush will not. Now just run the brush along the lines between the colors. Think of a natural shade. i will also then rub the paint with a finger to achieve the shade. Go for it, you can alway paint over your mistakes. As for paint, I use acrylics from Michales or AC Moore. They are inexpensive and you can get a wide variety of colors and suprisingly go a long way. Finish with Minwax Poly - satin finish - couple coats -- steel wool between coats. Clear chalk the edges to add water intrusion protection. post some pics of work in progress!!
  15. I solder the connections so they do not come apart and use tape or srink wrap over.
  16. OK I will. You're a nut job! That song gets double thumbs down from me!! I agree with Tim (a first).
  17. I also got crap for exiting thru the entrance.
  18. The dude was a bit rude today when I was snooping around. He asked if he could help and I asked "is this all the lights you'll stock this year?" He replied - how many did you think we'd have? No leftovers this year again. Should be sold out by Thanksgiving.
  19. Yes, I use them all the time. No I do not modify them at the plug end. Yes, I make custom lengths by cutting the 6' cords and extending them with a section of zip cord in the middle.
  20. No sense of adventure....
  21. Glen, Watched pot syndrom..... guess I'll have to wait till the morning.
  22. I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the front!
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