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    St Joseph MO
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    Live in the country, like the outdoors and working outside. Love bbq (eating and cooking), muscle cars, college football and basketball.
    I have 25 years of machinest experience and love to fabricate.
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    Drag Racing, Football, working on cars, fabrication
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    Electrical Generation--I make the electricity we use in our displays
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    Just a beginner. This year I had one of Darryl's 10 ft PVC Trees(RG color) and 9 tomato cage mini trees with 32 channels of LOR.

    Next year the plans are in works to make several additions.
  1. Here is a place that I have used in the past to buy pvc fittings. http://pvcfittings.com/ I think they sell everything made in pvc. They have both Spears and Dura snap fittings and have pretty decent pricing. I have always had good luck with them.
  2. Here is where I get my PVC parts. http://www.flexpvc.com/ Just about anything in the PVC they have.
  3. I use the metal stakes that are for C-7 or C-9's when placing them on the ground. They are made out of metal that is about 1/8" in diameter. The most important thing is that you need to use at least 3 stakes at 120 degrees apart. My taller tomato cages I have used 4 stakes at 90 degrees apart. Mike
  4. I also want to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who made this event happen and to the Vendors who supplied the door prizes. I enjoyed meeting, learning, and talking with everyone there. Looking forward to future HAM-PLUS's in the future!! It made me start on the projects for this year instead of waiting to Nov. like last year. I have to realize I can't do everything at once. Need way to many controllers, just like everyone else. Baby steps, one at a time. Mike
  5. Thanks, Tim for the pm. I have not been very active around here lately. You can count me as a yes. Mike
  6. I ordered 60 of Paul's LED strobes to try with the color changes in my minitrees. I also might try then in my 10ft PVC tree. Seems like there is alot of experimentation to do in this hobby to get the right effect. Mike
  7. Now I feel like a idiot. That is the same person and item I bought mine from back in Nov. As I said before it works great. It cut my build time with my tomato cage mini trees in half. I used anywhere from 300 to 500 lights depending on the size. I also used it on my 10 ft PVC tree. It took about a week to get it from Germany. Mike
  8. Here is the one I use. I got it off Ebay. New, they are expensive ($150). I love mine, it has been a real time saver. Manufacturer: Hellemann Tyton Name: Hand Tool Type: Mark 9 Adjustable clamping force: YES Material cable ties: Plastic / Nylon HellermannTyton cable ties: T50 to T150, as well as LK5 Width / Thickness of ties: 13.5 mm / 2.2 mm
  9. I ordered mine on 1-7-09 and I received them on 1-16-09. Mike
  10. I also want to say thanks for the great explanation of how to sequence arches. I have plans for (4) 9 channel arches this year. Mike
  11. Here is a Thread on this subject. http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=27081
  12. I would also like to know where you purchase your supplies. Mike
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