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  1. Jas, I do not own either the Virtual Santa DVD or the projector that you purchased from Daryl. However I believe that the projector you purchased is actually the Ultra Projector which is sold here. On their site there is a download section which contains both the video converter tool as well as a basic user manual. It looks like once you convert the Santa Symphonies DVD to avi format you would then hook up your projector to the computer via USB then move the avi file over to the projector (like moving a file into a file folder). The videos will automatically loop and play in the order t
  2. According to the HD website. These C3s come in Blue, Green, Red, Warm White, and Multi. It also says that they are flicker-free, which would hopefully mean that they are full wave.
  3. I too would like to see how the Rainbow Floods would compare with the 5050 modules as I will be needing some RGB floods in my display and I'm weighing all my options.
  4. Those look great Bill! I too would like to know how you built them.
  5. Swanky indeed! I can totally see one of those hanging over my garage instead of the usual wreath.
  6. David you're killing me with all the stuff you keep coming up with for those 5050 Modules. You definately need to sell these as well! Those look awesome.
  7. In the description below the video Jon mentions that he used JB-Weld epoxy to adhere the board to the glass.
  8. I think these would be awesome for a Fourth of July display! You can use red, white and blue lights to channel between. No need to worry about snow accumulation during the summertime.
  9. If that's the case, then I'm sold on these! Oh, and Mike. Thanks for explaining how you accomplished this technique in laymans terms. That was extremely helpful! Garrison
  10. David, Do these instructions include how to go about using Doug's technique by an chance? Garrison
  11. He actually is using snap-n-glow letters mounted onto a frame made out of EMT conduit. You can see a better picture of it on this page (http://dhall.us/pictures.htm) I had asked him about his sign last year and he said that he just created a sequence that flashes between the two different messages. The thing I can't figure out is how the two messages are coordinated since it appears that some of the bulbs are used for both messages.
  12. I would definitely be interested in these as well. I would like to have a sign similar to what Digital Lights has that can flash between two messages using two channels. http://dhall.us/signlight.html (note: link only seems to work in IE)
  13. Paul, I just wanted to make sure I got this straight, all your lights are full-wave one piece construction Holiday Creations brand? If so then you definitely have my interest. Garrison
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