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    Author of the Best Christmas Decorations in Chicagoland, 1st and 2nd edition
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    Writing, singing, woodworking, taking pictures of Christmas displays and interviewing the decorators
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    I'm lucky if I can get my tree up.
  1. If you have not yet sent photos and/or video of your Christmas display for the "Bellringin' Christmas Displays" national DVD, there's still time. The submission deadline has been extended to January 10, 2011. Don't miss out on an opportunity to be featured among the best in a video tour of Christmas displays throughout the United States and Canada. There is no cost to enter, and 100% of the sales profits will be donated to charity. For details and valuable photography hints, please see: http://tsa-lightkeeperpro.org The DVD won't be complete without you! Looking forward to your en
  2. Don't be left out... The folks at LightKeeperPro are producing a professional DVD of the best Christmas displays in the United States and Canada with 100% of the profits to be donated to charity. Our members are encouraged to send photos and/or video submissions. The deadline for entries is December 31, 2010. For valuable photo tips and more information, please see http://tsa-lightkeeperpro.org/BellringinDVD. Mary Edsey (author of The Best Christmas Decorations in Chicagoland and keynote speaker at the PLUS2007 banquet in Gatlinburg) is artistic director of the project, and Sound Video Imp
  3. Sorry for the Italian confusion. Just to add to Carrie's comments (thanks, Carrie). In Chicago, Michigan Avenue downtown was first trimmed with minis that were originally seen in Italy, thus the name. Thanks all for the info.
  4. Hello experts! I am trying to find clear LEDs in C9s, C7s, Italian and nets that most closely resemble the color and brightness of incandescents. Ideally the C9s and C7s would also be spaced 1 foot apart. I'm also looking for the brightest red Italian LEDs. Any suggestions? If so, where's the best place to get them? Thanks for your help! Mary
  5. To Carrie, Laura, Dale and Ted, Thank you very much for your kind remarks. Carrie... I'm so happy you are in the book. Laura... please submit your home through my website www.christmashouses.com. Dale... we'll see how this one goes, but I've considered it. Ted.. thank you. That means a lot ot me. All... excuse my joint reply. I am not up on threads, etc. Thank you so for spreading the word about my book. It is very much appreciated. Happy decorating! Mary
  6. Hi, All, Member Brian Coy told me that several people on this site were speaking kindly of the new edition of my book The Best Christmas Decorations in Chicagoland and wondering where they could purchase it. First of all thank you for your interest and your compliments. Some of you may remember me from my keynote presentation at PLUS2007. If you have not heard of my book or I did not have the pleasure of meeting you at the convention, let me explain that The Best Christmas Decorations in Chicagoland is a guide to over 200 holiday displays (including those of a few Planet Christmas member
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