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  1. I've been dragging butt, I should be all set up and ready to go by Saturday the latest. One side of the house will be animated the other static. All the lights that will be animated are set and wired. Controllers will be going out today, outdoor speakers. and will begin testing. All the inflatables will be done by tomorrow. Three houses so far have their lights on, pretty cool considering I live on a neighborhood populated by people over 60. One house in particular has gone all out with their display, (she doesnt know what coming hahahahahahahahah). Ricardo Pasadena, TX
  2. HEY GUYS I placed an order Saturday, and I have not received a confirmation from Darryl that my Mega Tree topper its on its way. I have sent him two Emails and I have not received a response. I'm just wondering if anyone around here knows him personally and can give me an idea if he might process my order soon. Ricardo A Pasadena Tx
  3. I started this Sunday, Northpoles are up - 4 Mini trees are set - 10 10 ft Mega tree frame is up -1 waiting for Daryl with ChristmasLightShow.com to send me my new metal frame for my star and hooks. Countdown timer set 18 Flood Lights set Need Roof Outline Gutter Outline Wood Cutouts -10 Wire Frames -15 Snowflakes -10 Lights on mega Tree Set up 6 Artificial Christmas Trees Leapping Arches - 4 Driveway Arches 4 Sidewalk ARches 10 Inflatables - 6 Nativity Programming 1 more song Decorate inside the house Ricardo A Pasadena, TX.
  4. I HAD PLACED AN ORDER LAST WEEK FOR THE DRUMS, APPARENTLY SOME OF US HERE AT Planetchristmas purchased all of them. I just received and email from them letting me know of the cancellation. Does anybody know where i might be able to purchase them? Rgds. Ricardo Avila Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I ALSO HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS PRESENT, THE WIFE GOT ME A FM TRANSMITTER, A CTB16D FROM LOR, OUTDOOR SPEAKERS, AND EARLIER DURING THE MONTH I BOUGHT MY SELF LCD 46 INCH SCREEN TV, BOSE SURROUND. Boy do i remember when my christmas were not like this. Thank god I learned many lessons in regards to money management, it is finally paying off. But most importantly, I got to spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family, and Christmas Day with the in laws Rgds. Ricardo Avila Pasadena, Tx.
  6. ok I hope i have this right. this time. Let me know what you guys think. Ricardo Avila Pttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOvzZBJBixAasadena, TX.
  7. sorry the file seems to be too big. I will tray and upload some other way. will post here as soon as I figure it out . Ricardo A
  8. Hey guys well here it goes, first year with an animated Display 64 channels. Video quality is good audio is very bad. Pls critique . Rgds. Ricardo A Pasadena, TX
  9. I Agree I do this because I like it, just seeing your hard work is most rewarding. I plan on making my own arches for next year, maybe two or three do not know how many at the moment. They eat up a lot of channels. .. Ricardo
  10. The only reason i found out about them was because, my cousin bought a lor unit from them, thats when i started asking about the website, went home and checked it out, some of their prices seemed little high to me i rather go directly to the source. Ricardo
  11. Yesterday I learned about a site that is selling these arches already made. The cost to me was substantially high. for one arch 8ft long for eight controllers 299.00. If you start adding things up. the cost to make a leaping arch not including the controllers would be 40.00 usd. I just do not understand how these guys can price the arches this way. I do not want to post the website in order to avoid any problems. But my question is what would we an ideal price including, time, materials. etc? Rgds Ricardo A
  12. I had a quick question in regards to what timers are you guys using for the part of the display that is static. Right now im using the timers sold at Hobby Lobby, but after six seasons, I think they are finally giving up. What timers are u guys using. Ricardo Pasadena, TX.
  13. HOPEFULLY MINE WILL BE ON TONIGHT, I MISCALCULATED ON MY spt1 wire usage thus im short about 1500 ft. I have contacted a local Electrical Distributor and will try to deliver today. Only two drivers showed up to work today. It is very exciting this is my first year with LOR 64 channels I have connected most of my plugs and the show is working just fine. I just need to finish making 27 extension cords and should be up and running. I have learn lots of things this year in regards to LOR and time scheduling. I should have started setting up early Nov Derryls megatree was time consuming
  14. R. Avila 2107 Harper Dr. Pasadena, TX 64 channels im almost done with the setup should be up and running no later than the 28 of november Ricardo A
  15. I will be starting today, I have lots of things to be done, set up 10 mini trees 400 minis on each 2 colors , run 2 extension cords to each. setup my LOR boxes, 1 mega tree 16 channels 3200 lights. roof outline. cutouts, arches for driveway and sidewalk , yard outline. 3 wreaths. 5 inflatables, 40 candy canes run extension cords to lor boxes , 4 northpoles run extension cords to lor boxes , spot lights, net lights. wrap 1 oak tree, 16 snowflakes on the roof, and then decorate inside the house. I need to finish 3 sequences for the mega tree part, run audio wire. set up speakers. I h
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