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  1. Nice stuff, little pricey for me. I'll prolly stick with the hallowindow vids.
  2. Hmm thanks for the replies. Those a bit pricier than I had hoped. I may need to start with some LED flood lights and rope light first. Does anyone know how LED floods will react when used with the different controls available via the LOR units? I would hate to buy some and have them not like fading up and down etc.
  3. Are there available flood lights or spot lights that can be programmed to move or change colors? I have done 2 years of display with my LOR and used only static regular christmas lights. I would love to be able to make a show with say 8 flood lights that can all move in a syncronized or programmed manner and/or change colors. Does anyone know if products like this are available? Thanks much!
  4. Hey all, I posted this also at LOR forum... just curious if anyone done any light shows around their swimming pool? We decided to have a pool built and it is equipped with two lights that are programmable LED's with 1500 colors... The OCD's kicked in and I started designing the outdoor sound system and then then it occurred to me, hey this backyard needs some LOR too! :giggle: I am going to start out in the trees and flowerbeds and then the patio area. Anyone else done this? I have this mad vision of something like the music from the bellagio and lights swaying, or even the beac
  5. Not sure if this has been posted. The lowes near me has 40 ft green/brown 3 prong for $5.97 and the 75 ft green 3 prong for $8.97.
  6. I had roughly 4000 LED mini's on one setup last year, it pulled 7 amps max. Can easily use one standard wall outlet with large LED loads.
  7. I have a set similar to this. It has 3 wires at different lengths along its length. I simply placed the unused lights in a small box and hung it from the inside eaves with some velcro. I didnt want to risk cutting it, as it was not wired as clearly as a normal strand of lights.
  8. The Wally world near me just emptied out the lawn and garden section and has SKU's going up for Christmas. The cashier I spoke with said 1 week till stocking. HEHEHE I LOVE IT!
  9. I am thinking on buying some CFL GE flood lights and painting them with stain glass paint. I was told they run much cooler than traditional 85 watt flood lights, (these are 15 watt). I want to paint them green, purple and dark blue for some serious Halloween color backgrounds. I finally bought the LOR and plan to give it a test run before Christmas with some spooky lights. Any thoughts on the feasibility of this? Thanks!
  10. I came across this: http://www.homedepot.com/Outdoors-Outdoor-Living-Outdoor-Decor-Holiday-Decorations/h_d1/N-5yc1vZarnoZ1xr5/R-100623726/h_d2/ProductDisplay?langId=-1&storeId=10051&catalogId=10053 Might have some potential as an outdoor projection screen.
  11. Spirit Halloween is a huge ripoff. Just buy the dual unit from Sams Club for $90 and use the mp3 hookup with your own halloween songs.
  12. I just recieved my first CTB16PC. I am very excited about the quality of this unit. Its very sturdy and very well made. The cost is awesome as it allows me to finally get serious about my own light show. I plan on picking up one more hopefully soon. At $200 ish a controller you just cant go wrong.
  13. Thanks much for the replies. I have an FM transmitter all set up. And the laptop and the controller will be mounted in my garage on a work bench to protect them from the elements. I am curious to see how tedious the sequencing is. You say start now, but I dont have my lights out yet. I guess I better start planning light locations! Do people share LOR sequences? Or is that a no no ? Thanks again!
  14. Hi all, I hope you had a great summer! Well, I am thinking lights once again and I think I may be ready to go the LOR route. I have a couple of questions and hope you can help. If I buy the following will it be what I need to get started? 1. I have looked at starting with a 16 channel. the CTB16PC model. http://store.lightorama.com/ctascpa.html This one appears to have all the soldering done (I am bad at it.), but needs the electrical cables punched down. I can handle the cables. $205.95 2. And the starter kit? http://store.lightorama.com/spk800.html I dont need the usb c
  15. I have 15 strands of the 60 count LED mini's from Walmart. Not a single issue yet.
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