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  1. Can't wait for another get-together with all my over the Red River friends. Will be doing a show at TMS during the races in April 7-9, but any weekend after that works for me! Just let me know, will park hubby at the casino...;-)
  2. I have a detailed how-to on my site. http://crazylightlady.us/WindowInsertHow-To.html Hope this helps.
  3. Packing things up for tomorrow, see all ya'll soon.
  4. I'll be there, will bring D-Light boards and every type of LED I have. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.
  5. Baymont=don't waste your money, last time I was there it was a dive.
  6. Host hotel link, http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/phlml-courtyard-mt-laurel/ I'll be hosting a Red Cup Social Friday night either at the hotel or at Andy's house. I'll also have a suitcase full of controllers and LEDs to demo.
  7. I have a video of the dripping icicles on Vimeo. http://vimeo.com/user1021127/videos
  8. Looks like it's shaping up to be another great OK get-together. Do you have a date yet? Anyone interested in some of the DIY boards? Anyone looking at Vixen vs LSP vs LOR?
  9. I much prefer the original format of the OKC-Mini, the informal brainstorming and camaraderie is what makes it unique. Like the saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Btw, I will be there this year, just as long as it doesn't fall on the Nascar weekend.
  10. It's a whole lot easier and safer just to find a 12v power supply. I use the wall warts that I have on hand for cordless drill recharging once the batteries no longer charge. You might also want to register at the D-Light forum hosted on the D-Light site, a ton of information is there that should help with your set-up.
  11. The LOR hardware utility will not recognize D-Light boards, that's why you use the D-Light Hardware utility to set the board number. In the LOR software all you need to do is add the board as a LOR board and you're good to go. You can create a short testing sequence in LOR just to make sure everything is working ok.
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