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  1. I don't really think there is a mega tree sequence per say! All you have to do is create a simple spin and back and forth and loop it, would take all of 5 mins! Roman
  2. I have stripped 2 4 foot trees and 2 6 foot Kmart trees. The 4 foot trees cames with 300 light each, so I replaced with 300 cool white 5mm minis, and 300 red led minis. The 6 footers came with 600 lights, so I replaced with 600 cool white 5mm minis, and 600 red led 5mm minis! It only takes about 1/2 and hour to strip and about 2 hours to wrap! I think they turned out great! Maybe putting c6's on might be to much weight, don't know! Hope this helps! Roman
  3. It seems all I can find is warm white, and to me it just looks like a dead color! I need some major retailers that sell cool white. I need like only 4 boxes, anyone know of some! Thanks Roman
  4. Is it it worth 50 buck, should I get it!
  5. I saw this add on Craigslist and I don't think I have ever seen the Mary! I sold one just like it the other day minus the Mary. Though someone could enlighten me! It is also listed for $50.00 Thanks Roman
  6. That is the problem, sorry to burst your bubble, some may work but most will not! Your just looking for a headache!
  7. Ok let me break it down for ya! Lights is nothing but a holding spot for the sub forums of " L.E.D.s, Lights, Lights, Lights!, Off-Season Lighting" Leds, is for Leds. Lights, Lights, Lights, is for incandescent lights. Before many of you joined it was just Lights, Lights, Lights, when leds started coming on, they got mixed in with Lights, Lights, Lights, and it was just a big mess, so Chuck S. started making sub forums for them all, but just left the name Lights, Lights, Lights. There you have it! Roman
  8. It is more for incandescent lights and leds is for well leds! Roman
  9. So for the people that have done this, have they needed a single coupon for each box of lights, I am wondering if a new ink cartridge would have enough to print 100 page of the coupon! Roman
  10. Can you please, please, please find out if that includes cool white as well as red! Not getting what I ordered from Travis, I am desperate to get the leds that I need with the money I have. My last chance is tomorrow, or if this comes through! Thanks Roman
  11. I believe they are on the front page Bill. Roman
  12. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get this coupon, it seems to me about the best deal for me to get the red and white led's that I need oh so bad! I figure I can go through many different times until I get what I need! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving Roman AKA (in dire need of lights)
  13. Just looked at there add scan, and did not see them listed for 99 cents, but at any rate, please keep in mind that the 99 cent price is usually only for clear and multi! Roman
  14. He was not by himself, he had his wife! LOL Glad the two of you are okay Tim! Roman
  15. Mine also came in boxes, figured he did not order enough, or didn't order any at all and just had them dropped shipped from somewhere! Roman
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