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  1. Hey thanks ..the mailbox is a great idea..i appreciate it 🙂
  2. Hey all..ive been away for a few years on here, ive still been lighting my up my neighborhood. Last yrs display around 40,000 lights and over 100 blow molds. This yr will certainly be a challenge. Ive been making regular trips to Duke for leukemia treatments but I'm determined to not let it affect my love for decorating . I was thinking of a donation box for St. Jude's but wanted the best Christmas website in the world's opinion. Does anyone have ideas for a donation box that would be safe? I live in a great city but its the lure of easy money as the song says...lol. Hope everyone is healthy and ready to start displaying 🎄
  3. I dont know how everone else is fairing this year..as for me I was doing great until the 60mph wind that hit TN last night..now my front yard looks like the Myans prediction. .blow mold apocalypse
  4. Hey thanks..some of the lights have only 3 strings of 100. Last yr, i know i overloaded thes same lights with 6-8 strings and they went 30 days without a problem. All the lights on my house are Lowes holiday living maybe? I ve always had pretty good luck with these..and now I've replaced 5 fuses in different places
  5. Just curious.. this is my 3rd year running most of the lights on my house, and Im blowing the fuses in the plug in left and right. These lights are on about 3 hrs before they pop..and never in the same place. So far, after they are replaced, they stay on...i hope. Do the fuses just give out over time? Has anyone experienced this , and whats a good fix?
  6. First hand tip. Since my projector couldnt put out the amount of light needed to see the Santa from the road, I borrowed a 50'' flat screen, hit the zoom adjusted the height and frame to my window, and boom! the picture from the road is awesome and after tweaking the backlight on the tv, the quality is 100 times better than the projected one.
  7. Guys I can make almost anything work, and I hate to double post on the same subject, but Im still having a fit with this virtual santa. 1st off, Im at least 65-70 feet from the road, and no matter where I put this thing, im not satisfied with the picture. If I go with a smaller window its too small, if its in the picture window in the living room the room isnt dark enough, and any place I put it , lights outside interfere with the picture being projected. Has anyone ever used a 55'' or so tv against the window instead of a projected image?
  8. OK..just off the phone with a guy at Holiday Projectors...he tells me the Olens XPJ has a 250 watt bulb with 750 ASSI lumens. says its the best and most powerful on the market without spending an arm and leg. Im already in about 300
  9. Thank you for the help! i have some hope for it still...lol
  10. yes , but seems like if you dont sqink real hard you cant see his face or the candle very good.. im going to try the bulb next. Thanks for the help
  11. Thanks.. I will see if my projector will accept a more powerful bulb.
  12. 1st off, im not displeased with my Virtual, but I am having some issues. .and hoping someone can help, I have tried several windows, and it looks the best in my living room window, but im a good 60 feet from the road and the quality of light coming through the window is not great ..and im having to move the projector further away from the glass to ''size up'' and look more lifesize, Dumb question, since it is a double glass window with about 4 inches of space between the 2, has anyone tried mounting the material outside the glass? Im wondering if the quality would be any better. .or maybe a brighter bulb..thanks Bill
  13. The direct feed to the North Pole is a good one for regular operating hrs, Im going to use that !.. but for after hrs. I have a sign that lights up from 12-6am that reads BEWARE OF DOG WHEN LIGHTS ARE OFF...then goes off at sunrise, and you can't see it through the day. So far in 10 yrs, I've been lucky, or it works...lol
  14. Hey just wanted to say good packaging! and thanks again...they all made it down South ok!

  15. Thanks for the payment. Did you receive my email with the list of other blow molds available? Just wanted to be sure you got it. Joe "Buckeyelights"

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