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    Craig Colorado
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    I manage a Pet Store and I have had the interest in lights since I was 2-3 I decided to go computer animated in the winter of 07.
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    I have 6 large saltwater aquariums, 2 bearded dragons,3 red eye tree frogs and 2 canaries so i guess my hobbies include pets and lights
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    Pet (more fish) store manager
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    last year was 32 channels this year I hope to have over 150 channels, this will power 4 arches a mega tree and color changes. I use LOR controllers and software. I have truly tested these controllers, here in craig we will have 2 weeks of -20 degree weather and up to 7 feet of snow (I hope that never happens again) and I had no problems AT ALL!! So for everyone in the mountains, they work just fin in the cold/snow the only problem is finding the controllers when christmas is over...

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